How do I Find a Company’s Incorporation Date? 6 Facts

Do you wish to know when a company was founded? This information will be kept on file by the state of incorporation. The applicable state’s website, an internet database, or the company’s own website might all be good places to start your search.

What is a Formation Document?

A corporation must file articles of incorporation with the relevant state agency in order to be legally established. This legal document is sometimes known as a formation document or charter.

The process server, permissible capital (stock classes and shares), and duration of the business must all be stated in line with the rules of the state in which the firm is established.

How do I Find a Company's Incorporation Date?

The following are some common names for articles of incorporation, as well as some of the states that utilize them:

Certificate of Incorporation (DE, NY, NJ)
Articles of Incorporation (CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, MN, NV, OH, OR, PA, SC, TN, UT)
Certificate of Formation (TX)
Articles of Organization (MA)

It is not unusual for a company’s charter to be revised over time. The amended submission may be described using one or both of the phrases “amendment” and “restatement.”

Companies routinely revise and restate their charters in order to increase the number of shares they can issue, change their corporate structure, or update other aspects.

The Incorporation Process

Articles of incorporation are legal documents submitted with the secretary of state that establish the establishment of a corporation. The following information is given in the attached document:

  • The name of the corporation
  • The business address
  • Officer names
  • Business purpose
  • Stock information

A company is regarded to have been formally created on the day its articles of incorporation were originally submitted, according to convention. Keep in mind that this does not include processing time, which can range from one or two business days to a week or more depending on the state.

How do I Find a Company's Incorporation Date?

You have the option of designating a later effective date when submitting your articles. If you want to incorporate on January 1, for example, you must file the proper documentation by the middle of December.

How do I Find a Company’s Incorporation Date?

In the United States, each new corporation must register with the Secretary of State in the state where it will be headquartered.

The Secretary of State also maintains public records providing corporate information. As a consequence, a company’s incorporation date may be easily determined by contacting the Secretary of State or visiting its website and browsing the data.

If you are the company’s owner, the registered copy of the Articles of Formation will also include the date of incorporation.

After filing the Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State, the state will attach a date stamp to the paper and return it to the owner of record. The date of incorporation is included in this document.

If you are not the owner but know the business owner through other means, you can request this information from them or a firm representative.

How do I Find a Company's Incorporation Date?

Because the Secretary of State’s office is generally located in the state capital, phoning that city is another option for determining an organization’s establishment date. The phone number for the office may be found in the yellow pages or online.

If requested, you should be able to provide the name of the company. When dealing with businesses that share the same name, having an address or owner information is critical for distinguishing. The representative will then be able to offer the date of formation for the firm.

You can also click here to access the Secretary of State’s office online. Find a means to access state business records. The firm name is frequently used as a search term. It is advisable to have supplemental data on hand in this respect to guarantee that the correct date of incorporation is recovered.

Some Secretary of State websites may display the statistics on the screen. Certain additional websites offer online document scans, including Articles of Incorporation.

If your state’s Secretary of State’s office stores company records online, you may use that to identify the precise date the firm was incorporated.

The incorporation date is conspicuously shown anytime the records are accessed. What it states on a website, the Articles of Incorporation, or other formal documentation is the Date of Incorporation or Incorporation Date.

In other words, if one has access to the relevant paperwork, resources, or representation in the Secretary of State Office, the formation date of a firm may be easily ascertained.

Corporate Information Resources

The day the articles of incorporation are presented is the “date of incorporation.” After acquiring this information, the government makes it available to the public.

How do I Find a Company's Incorporation Date?

If you know the state where the company was founded, you can start your search there. Companies registered in various countries may or may not have much information available about them.

Delaware is a popular state to incorporate for a multitude of reasons, including its favorable tax and legal status for businesses.

The Division of Corporations manages the State of Delaware’s entity name search. Simply enter the name of a Delaware-registered business into the search field for further information.

For publicly traded U.S. firms, searching the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website will reveal information such as the company’s name, postal address, fiscal years, locations, and annual and quarterly reports.

If the company’s stock is traded on public markets, it must declare its incorporation date and other relevant public information on its website’s Investor Relations section.

Such databases can include information such as a company’s registration number, period of existence, location of the registered office, and history of name changes.

This information may be important if you are negotiating contract conditions with the company or need to serve legal papers on the corporation. Find financial data such as insolvency letters and annual reports.

Importance of Incorporation Date

The date a company was formed has an impact on its value and tax status. The “start date” of a firm, which may differ from its “incorporation date,” is the day it begins advertising and is ready to service customers.

How do I Find a Company's Incorporation Date?

The inception date is if a firm is not taxed until the second year. The correct date is critical when assessing the deductibility of firm launch expenses.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, any costs made while investigating or creating a viable corporation can be deducted. However, the agency’s laws regarding the official start of a corporation are vague.

In IRS records, the date of incorporation, not the start of company activity, is utilized. It does, however, say that purchasing assets on behalf of a company may be seen as proof of a freshly constituted organization.

You should consider if the company is a “doing concern,” which indicates that it serves customers, promotes its products, and earns income.

A going concern is a company that is actively attempting to become profitable but is currently failing. Some believe that the minute a concept is put into reality in the form of a business, it begins to evolve outside of the owner’s control.

If you are thinking about starting a business, talk to your tax expert about which year to use as your start date if your business activities span more than one year. This would be less of an issue if all start-up operations took place during the same calendar year.

Where an I Find The Company’s State of Incorporation and Date Of Incorporation?

State of Incorporation: This information is often found on the first page of the Incorporation papers under Article II, as well as in the stamp applied by the state office when the charter is filed.

How do I Find a Company's Incorporation Date?

Date of Incorporation: Typically, the day of incorporation is the date the charter is presented. The filing date of the charter is included in the electronic or physical stamp. See the example below for the filing date.


The Company’s Incorporation Date is typically available on the company’s incorporation records, which you can access online. In this case, the company is the Federal Government (which means they’re not public) and the records are located at the National Archives and Records Administration.

When you put in the name of the company, you’ll get a list of records. You can filter those results by type. For example, you can look for the incorporation documents. Or you can choose to search for the business licenses or the patents and trademarks that were applied for by the company.


date of incorporation means the date the Company is granted the Business Registration Certificate (Certificate of Business Registration) for the first time.
Here are a few resources and websites that may help you find the data on a particular business:
  1. Business and Company Resource Center. Access from Home – Use library barcode. …
  2. Reference USA. …
  3. Better Business Bureau. …
  4. Chamber of Commerce. …
  5. Hoovers Online.
When all these requirements have been complied, the Registrar of Companies (ROC) registers the company and issues a certificate of incorporation in regards to the company that brings the company into existence in the eyes of law, as a legal entity in India.

Difference between Registration and Incorporation

It has a seperate legal identity from its directors or owners. The simple registration of a business does not result in the creation of a seperate legal entity. So, incorporation is almost the ‘next-level’ of registration

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