How do I Find Used Tractor Prices? Method, Advices, 10 Facts

If you are planning to buy or sell used tractors then you have come to the right place. This blog will cover the most common topics such as how do I find used tractor prices, where can I find good prices for my used tractor, what are the best used tractor brands, and how do I buy used tractors.

How do I Find Used Tractor Prices?

Over the past century, agriculture and farming have seen a significant transformation. In the United States, nearly 70% of the population lived and worked on farms before the turn of the 20th century, but by 2008, that number had fallen to less than 3%. In America, there are still tens of thousands of farms and a similar number of farm laborers.

How do I Find Used Tractor Prices?

Farmers in search of equipment frequently seek out used tractors, and as a result, there are a variety of places where one may find realistic pricing estimates for used tractors. Annually issued by Price Digests, the Official Tractor Blue Book is the most popular and regarded of these resources.

There is a vast amount of information in the Official Tractor Blue Book, including estimates of the new tractor pricing as well as proposed used tractor values. It is similar to the more well-known Kelley Blue Book or NADA Guides, which provide details and prices for used vehicles and trucks.

The book offers loan values, statistics, options, features, and serial numbers for the various instruments. Additionally, it lists nearly every tractor created between the late 1930s and the present. Most online book stores carry the book.

Methods of Determining Used Tractor rices

However, there are a lot of additional ways to find, contrast, and compare pricing. Online auction sites offer used tractors, and several websites are dedicated only to the purchasing and selling of used tractors.

A more individualized type of research can yield additional ways to figure out used tractor costs and get the greatest deal. California, Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Kansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Indiana are the top 10 agriculturally producing states.

How do I Find Used Tractor Prices?

Numerous of these states’ major newspapers include online classified sections. It makes reasonable that states with the greatest number of tractors would have the greatest number of used tractors for sale.

In accordance with the rules of supply and demand, the greater the number of similar things for sale, the lower the prices.

Advice When Attending Farm Auctions

Attending farm auctions might provide insight into price trends on occasion. Individuals should always be careful of auctions, because even if a decent price on equipment is offered, they will be bidding against merchants with great expertise and experience.

Prior to making a purchase, the greatest way for the majority of individuals to discover realistic costs for used tractors is to conduct significant study.

Advice When Buying a  Used Tractor

You want to be sure you’re getting the most value out of every transaction when purchasing a used tractor. Even used tractors for sale can be expensive; nonetheless, they are still considerably more inexpensive than buying brand-new machinery.

Farm equipment isn’t cheap. To ensure you’re getting the finest bargain available, you must conduct your research.

There are numerous things to think about when buying a secondhand tractor, particularly if you’ve never bought one before. In light of this, we’re here to assist you understand the fundamentals of used tractor prices so you can maximize your investment.

Why Should You Buy A Used Tractor?

First things first: why even consider purchasing used farm machinery? New farm equipment is, in actuality, very expensive. And now more than ever, farmers must concentrate on reducing expenses.

Farmers’ median family income is expected to fall by 4% in 2021, according to the USDA. Finding and changing parts for newer tractors can be challenging, in addition to the cost of buying a brand-new tractor.

New tractors have software that makes it difficult for workers to perform repairs on their own, which leads to increased costs over time. In actuality, the value of brand-new tractors starts to decline the moment they are purchased.

How do I Find Used Tractor Prices?

Why spend a fortune on brand-new machinery when you can get a used or older tractor that costs less and performs just as well?

How Much Is a Used Tractor Worth?

Now let’s discuss pricing. Numerous factors affect the value of a used tractor. To make this information more understandable, we separated the key determinants of tractor pricing into a few categories.

Questions to ask before buying a used tractor

Significant factors in assessing a tractor’s value include the tractor’s condition, particularly its operating hours and regular maintenance. Before committing to a purchase, you want to ensure that the equipment is of great quality and free of major damage or impending repairs.

When evaluating the state of the tractor, pay particular attention to the aspects that define its quality. We have created a list of questions to ask when inspecting used tractors for sale, as there are numerous factors to consider.

  1. Examine the tractor’s exterior, tires, and general appearance. Exists obvious and serious damage and/or wear?
  2. Are all of the safety features operational?
  3. Verify the engine. Examine the engine, hoses, and hydraulics for indications of leaks. Make sure the engine fulfills the region’s emission regulations.
  4. Air filters should be inspected. The air filter should not appear dusty if it is routinely replaced.
  5. Look closely at the articulation point. The tractor’s articulation point is the most mobile part and must always be lubricated. Examine the area for metal fragments; fragments are a result of faulty maintenance and may indicate major damage.
  6. Navigate the tractor’s terrain. If there is a jerking or knocking sensation, the transmission may be malfunctioning.
  7. Determine whether or not the steering wheel is loose. If the steering wheel seems loose, there may be problems with the pins or the hydraulic cylinders.
  8. Verify that all displays, guiding systems, and receivers are functioning properly. It may be pricey to replace these.
  9. Check the tractor’s operating hours by entering its cab. Keep in mind, however, that a tractor with a high number of hours on the odometer can still be in good condition if it has received routine maintenance.

Used Tractor Pricing Resources

Now that you know what questions to ask before purchasing a used tractor, here are some resources to assist you accurately evaluate the worth of a used tractor prior to making a purchase.

How do I Find Used Tractor Prices?

How to calculate the value of a tractor

You may always use a used tractor value calculator to get an approximation and base your pricing selections on that. As previously indicated, a tractor’s value drops the moment it is purchased. Before committing to a sale, it can be beneficial to grasp how to calculate a tractor’s depreciation.

Used Tractor Value Calculator

1. is a Sandhills Global mobile-friendly equipment valuation tool, and according to ‘Tractor House,’ it is the most accurate, potent, and complete tool available to the business community today.

Sanhills’ innovative technology enables FleetEvaluator to instantly examine billions of dollars’ worth of assets, demand, listing, and transactional equipment data gathered from numerous retail and function sales in order to link the most accurate valuations.

FleetEvaluator then compares this massive data stream to current economic conditions, local demand, and other criteria.

With Sandhill’s brilliant ideas, determining the worth of your tractor is a simple and relaxing process.

FleetEvaluator has been designed with programs that will assist you in calculating the value of your tractor in record time by combing through millions of data acquired from numerous retail and function sales to get the most appropriate valuations.

2. Digitrac

Digitrac: Digitrac is a smartphone application created by Escort Limited that provides everything a farmer needs online. Using Digitrac, online equipment purchases are possible. Digitrac also sells tractor components.

Digitrac is a highly efficient value calculator since it allows you to enter information about the tractor. You can enter information such as the brand and model of a tractor. After you input the facts, it shuffles them together and searches the internet to get the exact value of your tractor.

How do I Find Used Tractor Prices?

Digitrac’s other farm-related capabilities make it an ideal value calculator. You may sell your tractor and purchase other farm equipment at the same time.

3. Used Equipment Guide The creators of this website have formulated statistical pricing prototypes for 11,142 models with 11,258 variants among 811 manufacturers, based on publicly accessible for-sale listings, to assist buyers and sellers in determining the correct prices for tractors.

This calculator is incredibly user-friendly. The Value Calculator has been created in the simplest way possible for the effective evaluation of your tractor in order to determine the appropriate price by comparing the information you submit (which includes the year the tractor was manufactured, the model of the tractor, the manufacturer of the tractor, and the tractor’s meter) with the statistics already compiled by the Value Calculator’s creators.

4. Farmer Weekly

This website is extremely user-friendly and also quite efficient. It includes a page for determining the worth of tractors. It is meant to value your tractor based on advertisements published by other farmers who also wish to sell their tractors.

How do I Find Used Tractor Prices?

The website requests information about the tractor, such as its model and year of manufacture. It then compares these with ads previously published by other farmers in order to provide you with an estimate of the value of your tractor.


There are several different ways to find used tractors. First, if you have a few bucks to spend, you could simply buy the tractor for yourself. This way, you’ll know exactly how much you want to pay, and it will keep you from paying too much.

Next, you could call your local tractor dealer. They will probably give you a pretty good idea of what you’re looking at. If they don’t, ask around. You might be surprised at how many people you know who are actually in the tractor business.

Finally, if you have access to the Internet, there are several websites that you can use to find used equipment.


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