Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This web site offers information and discounts at no charge to our users. We do not collect personal information from our members for the purpose of selling that information to third party companies; however, due to the nature of discounts and our Student Savings Club, Alumni Preferred Partners, and Savings Partners programs, we will promote discounted offers to our valued members who have requested or agreed to receive these types of offers.

Information requested and/or required from us is for the purpose of improving the quality of offers we negotiate and provide to our valued members. We work on behalf of the Student Government Associations, Alumni Associations, Colleges, Universities, Organizations, and Companies highlighted on this site and adhere to their governed policies regarding the protection of their privacy.

Again, no third party companies will have direct access to any personal information via our database of member information. Should you receive any message from us outside of this policy, please notify us at [email protected] immediately.

Terms of Use

We make every effort to provide accurate information, promote reputable merchants, and negotiate discounted offers on your behalf, but we make no warranty and may not be held liable for any losses or damages which may occur as a result of any person taking advantage of merchants’ offers, using information or products associated with this site, the Edhance website, or any of our merchants or merchants’ websites. Collegiate Services, Inc. staff works hard to recommend outstanding merchants on a local and national basis which have your best interest in mind and save you money; however, we will not be held liable for their actions. Use your best judgment in evaluating and taking advantage of the offers presented to you.

You should always consult a physician, attorney, accountant or other trained professional before making any decision related to your health and welfare. It is not the intention of this site to advise you in any decision which could adversely affect you or cause harm.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our recommended merchants, discounted offers or the program in general, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

We appreciate your input and feedback.