What are Architect Associates? Duties, Skill, 11 Facts

What are Architect Associates? You’ll be able to discover what you need to know to succeed in the business. The articles on this site will cover all aspects of running a successful architectural firm. From accounting, marketing, project management, web design, technology, and more.

What are Architect Associates?

Many young architects desire to become partners in their firms, but in many instances, they must first attain the position of architect associate. Architect associates are frequently regarded as junior partners at architecture firms.

They typically have higher responsibilities than other staff architects, function as the firm’s spokesmen, and receive greater financial benefits.

What are Architect Associates?


Depending on the firm’s size and business model, the criteria for becoming an associate can vary, but new associates normally need at least a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a few years of professional experience.

What Does an Associate Architect Do?

Typically, the position of associate architect is viewed as a step below that of firm partner. In some companies, associates may attain a certain level of ownership, allowing them to participate in profit sharing or at the very least receive special bonuses or extended vacation time.

Architect associates typically continue to receive a salary and other benefits comparable to those of a standard employee. However, becoming an associate may provide the architect with the opportunity to become a full-fledged partner in the future.

Typically, an associate architect has additional responsibilities than a staff architect. He becomes a true representative of the company and is permitted to attend meetings on behalf of partners with decision-making authority over projects.

Associate architects may also present to prospective or current clients. Being an associate often does not involve the same financial or legal risks as being a partner. Due to the higher income, however, this post may be at a greater danger of being eliminated during times of economic hardship than other positions.

Associate Architect Job Duties

Associate architects typically have a variety of roles, including:

What are Architect Associates?

Coordination with other architects for larger projects requiring various disciplines, such as structural engineering or interior design

Creating construction plans and other documentation required for acquiring building permits.

Examining submitted plans by subcontractors for compliance with codes and standards

Assisting customers with their projects, including working with contractors to verify construction conforms to design specifications

Providing construction administration services, including progress monitoring to ensure projects are finished on time and within budget.

Using computer-aided design (CAD) tools to develop design concepts and generate architectural renderings.

Examining blueprints and plans to ensure adherence to building codes and regulations

Assess project viability in light of client requirements and available resources.

Developing architectural plans and designs via sketches and drawings.

Associate Architect Salary & Outlook

The salaries of associate architects vary based on their level of education, years of experience, and the size and industry of the organization for which they work.

  • The average annual wage is $95,000 ($45.67 per hour).
  • Top 10% Annual Income: $143,000 ($68.75 per hour)

It is anticipated that the employment of associate architects would diminish over the next decade.

What are Architect Associates?

Because numerous significant projects have been finished, architectural and engineering businesses’ employment growth has halted. Moreover, technical advancements have enabled fewer architects to accomplish more work. As a result, some businesses employ fewer architects.

Associate Architect Job Requirements

In order to become an associate architect, one must complete the following:


The majority of businesses need an associate architect to have a bachelor’s degree in architecture or a related subject, such as construction management or engineering. A master’s degree may also be required by some workplaces for architects.

Design, construction, mathematics, computer-aided design and construction, and building systems are often included in the curriculum of architecture degrees.

Training & Experience

The majority of associate architects will be trained on the job by their new employers. This training will assist the associate architect in learning the company’s unique software and processes. It will also assist them in understanding the specific requirements of the projects on which they will work.

Certifications & Licenses

After receiving a license, associate architects must acquire the required number of hours of practical experience and pass the Architect Registration Examination (ARE). In addition to passing a drug test and a background check, certain employers may also require candidates to pass a drug test and a criminal record check.

Associate Architect Skills

Associates need the following skills in order to be successful:

Communication skills

Also essential for associate architects are communication abilities. You might be expected to contact with clients, other architects and engineers, suppliers, and other interested parties.

Effective communication can help you explain your thoughts and guarantee that your message is understood by everybody. Additionally, it can assist you in resolving any problems that may develop during the job.

Technical skills

Before becoming associate architects, architects often have a background in architecture and have worked in the profession for a number of years. Building rules, safety laws, and other regulations affecting the design and construction of structures might be considered technical skills.

Knowledge of software applications used in architecture, such as the computer-aided design tool AutoCAD, can also be considered a technical talent.

Problem-solving skills

As associate architects may be the initial point of contact for clients or other architects, problem-solving skills are crucial. You may be responsible with resolving design difficulties or meeting client requirements.

What are Architect Associates?

Your ability to identify and solve problems can assist you in developing solutions that are beneficial for all parties concerned.

Leadership skills

You may oversee a project team as an associate architect. You can motivate your team and assure timely completion of the project by utilizing your leadership talents. Additionally, leadership abilities can help you manage the team’s resources successfully.

Teamwork skills

Associative architects are frequently required to collaborate with others. You might collaborate with other architects, engineers, and specialists to finish a project. Your teamwork abilities can assist you in collaborating with others and working toward a common goal.

7 associate degree in architecture jobs

With an associate degree in architecture, you may qualify for the following jobs:

1. Junior inspector

National average salary: $49,841 per year

Junior inspectors assist senior inspectors on construction sites to guarantee safety and legal compliance. They may examine demolition sites, new construction sites, structures, and renovations to ensure that each adheres to budgetary and regulatory standards.

You can anticipate comparing designs to real building, ensuring that each worker on the working site employs the necessary procedures, tools, or supplies. Junior inspectors frequently contribute to the writing of change reports and final approval reports, filing and transmitting these formal papers to the construction sites and clients after they are complete.

2. Junior architect

National average salary: $56,271 per year

The basic responsibilities of a junior architect are to assist the principal architect with their projects. They might provide feedback at each stage of the design process, such as brainstorming, drawing, and reviewing.

Typically, junior architects provide administrative support for projects by completing, submitting, and filing client documentation such as proposals, drawings, and permits. Frequently, these specialists may contact with other parties, such as clients or construction companies, regarding the status of a project and client requests for status updates.

3. Drafter

National average salary: $56,626 per year

The primary responsibilities of a drafter are to generate visualizations and rules for new structures. They can collaborate with architects to draft technical specifications and blueprints, specifying dimensions as necessary. Frequently, computer-aided design (CAD) software is utilized by drafters to create their designs.

What are Architect Associates?

Drafters can also contribute to the design of machines by specifying the locations of features such as fasteners and creating keys for each component of the equipment. Once completed, these professionals show their designs to clients or construction personnel.

4. Survey technician

National average salary: $57,747 per year

Primary responsibilities: survey technicians are specialists that record information about potential construction sites. Frequently, they utilize measuring instruments to confirm that distances comply with the requirements mentioned in the project specifications.

In order for architects to include any pertinent elements in their plans, survey technicians may also visit construction sites to assess the ground or climate. Once site information has been gathered, it is frequently recorded digitally and presented to architects or construction personnel.

5. Technical writer

National average salary: $58,069 per year

Principal responsibilities: A technical writer is a skilled writer who simplifies and organizes complicated material. In architecture, this position may be responsible for writing the project’s specifications, which may include dimensions, equipment measurements, project specifics and objectives, and necessary supplies.

When developing project specifications, these authors frequently have a list of all standard materials or processes that they may reference and recommend. As technical writers frequently generate user manuals, they can also provide how-to guides for individuals wishing to construct their own buildings and user manuals for architecture tools and machines.

6. Planner

National average salary: $61,825 per year

Planners may oversee the preparation, drawing, and construction of new projects as their primary responsibilities. With an associate degree, you may work as a junior or assistant planner, but you may also collaborate with project managers and architects to establish priorities, define project scopes, and coordinate resource efforts.

Planners frequently aid other professionals in the development of schedules and budgets for each project. They conduct research on the most recent architectural trends and provide recommendations for problems involving space planning, usage, and building finishes.

7. Estimator

National average salary: $66,716 per year

Estimators are experts responsible for estimating the project’s costs. They evaluate project proposals, blueprints, and specifications to produce cost estimates to clients. In order to incorporate labor expenses into their estimates, estimators may additionally estimate the duration of a project.

When estimating expenses, they incorporate the cost of supplies, labor, and fees when preparing reports with in-depth analyses. Estimators typically offer their cost estimates to their clients along with information about their analysis, and they may suggest ways to reduce project expenses if the estimate is higher than the client’s budget.

What are Architect Associates?

Tips for choosing an architecture job with an associate degree

Here are a few guidelines to consider when selecting an architecture associate degree job:

Review your skills

Each role may necessitate a specific set of talents in order to be executed effectively. If you are creative and want to explore more of architecture’s design elements, you may want to consider becoming a junior architect. You might seek a job as a technical writer if you are analytical and have excellent editing skills.

Check the job descriptions

Each single position may have distinct qualifications. Some may have additional educational requirements or obligations in addition to their primary role. Consider a position for which you may have relevant experience, even if it is in a different industry.

Consider your career path

As many of the architecture jobs you could obtain with an associate degree are entry-level, you should assess your career goals. If you are unclear of your future steps, you may want to consider working as an estimator or survey technician to gain experience with the equipment, language, and work environment.

Associate Architect Work Environment

If you aspire to become an architect one day, you might try working as a junior architect to gain experience with the responsibilities you may conduct in the future.

Typically, an associate architect works in an office environment alongside other architects and engineers on a variety of projects. Additionally, they may visit to building sites to monitor the development of projects and interact with clients.

Associate Architect Trends

Here are three trends affecting the work of associate architects. Associate architects will need to remain current on these advancements in order to keep their skills relevant and preserve their competitive edge in the industry.

Need for Additional Technical Talent

The need for additional technical skills is a trend felt across many industries, but it is most pronounced in the architecture sector.

As buildings become more sophisticated and technologically dependent, architects will need to be able to design them with the newest technologies in mind. This necessitates an in-depth grasp of how these technologies function and how they might be utilized to increase building efficiency.

More emphasis on sustainability

As people have become more aware of the influence of human actions on the environment, sustainability has become an increasingly prominent concern in recent years. Architects increasingly prioritize constructing buildings that are not only practical, but also environmentally friendly.

This necessitates that associate architects be aware with a number of sustainability measures, including the use of renewable energy sources and the recycling of materials. They must also be able to convey the advantages of sustainability to clients and stakeholders.

What are Architect Associates?

More Teamwork Between Design and Construction

In many projects, there has been an increase in collaboration between the design and construction teams in recent years. This is owing to the fact that both teams have a greater appreciation for the significance of communication to the success of a project.

Architects-in-training can capitalize on this trend by gaining expertise in both design and construction. This will allow them to collaborate with other team members more effectively and produce a project that reflects everyone’s ideas and contributions.

How to Become an Associate Architect

An associate architect career path might be an excellent approach to enter the industry of architecture. As an associate architect, you will have the chance to work on a variety of projects and gain knowledge from more experienced architects. In addition, you will get expertise working with various clients and materials.

As your career as an associate architect advances, you may wish to become a firm’s principle or partner. This would increase your responsibilities and enable you to lead architectural teams.

Advancement Prospects

Associate architects have favorable advancement possibilities. With experience, they can become certified architects and advance to positions of management. Some individuals may establish their own companies.


Associate architects design and plan new buildings, renovations, and other structures in close collaboration with registered architects. They may also oversee the daily operations of an organization or project.

Associate architects must possess great communication skills to efficiently cooperate with clients, contractors, subcontractors, and other team members. In addition, they must be attentive to detail and organized in order to ensure that all components of a project are correctly planned and implemented on time.


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