What are Office Supplies? Overview & 5 Facts

In this post, we list some office supplies which you may need for your office or home. We’ll also tell you what they are and how to use them.

What are Office Supplies?

In addition to technology and office furniture, office supplies are one of the most important categories of products required to construct a full office environment. They are the goods utilized in, around, and with office furniture and technology, whether in a home office with one employee or a multinational corporation with thousands of employees.

What are Office Supplies?

In contrast to technology and office furniture, the majority of office supplies are very affordable, but many are crucial to the operation of a firm. Obviously, the demands of each workplace are suited to the tasks performed there. Nonetheless, certain things are rather ubiquitous.

What is included in office supplies?

Stationery is included among office supplies. Writing paper, copy paper, printer paper, typewriter paper, letterhead, notepads, envelopes, forms, memos, and telephone message pads are utilized by office employees.

Other paper products that are not exactly stationery include sticky notes, calendars, and planners. Writing instruments are an office product that complements stationery. There is space for pens, pencils, highlighters, and other writing implements. Remember to bring correction fluid, correction tape, and an eraser.

Desk and storage organizers are an additional classification of office supplies. Like binders and sheet protectors, Manila folders, hanging files, and their accessories, such as labels, are essential to some workplace organizing schemes.

What are Office Supplies?

Additions to the system include index dividers for organizing binders and hole punchers for preparing plain paper for binders.

In the office, little equipment such as staplers, scissors, letter openers, compasses, and protractors have a purpose. Tape, glue, binder clips, paper clips, pins, tacks, rubber bands, brass fasteners, clipboards, and Velcro are indispensable office products. These frequently dwell in desk or drawer organizers.

Flip charts or easels may be used for presentations, and notes and messages may be posted on bulletin boards or dry erase boards. Important office supplies that do not fit cleanly into categories include file cards and their storage boxes, address books and devices, book racks, and CD and/or DVD storage racks.

What Office Supplies Are Available at Staples?

Staples offers all office supplies. Home office supplies, corporate office equipment, and school materials for the kids are all available here.

Writing supplies

Writing instruments are the most fundamental and indispensable office items. Rollerball, gel, and fountain pens make putting your thoughts, ideas, messages, notes, and drawings on paper more comfortable and enjoyable.

Highlighters assist in identifying the most significant portions of texts and add splashes of color to notes, signs, and office memos. Dry erase markers are essential for making temporary notes on whiteboards, but permanent markers are more resistant to fading over time. With a pencil and eraser, you can always fix your work.

Folders and filing

Hanging files keep file cabinets orderly while file folders make it simple to color-code documents for identification. Accordion binders and expandable folders are ideal for organizing papers such as cheques, receipts, and project notes.

What are Office Supplies?

Notebooks and notepads

Spiral notebooks, notepads, composition notebooks, and diaries are workplace essentials that provide a reliable writing surface for daily usage. Smart notebooks make taking notes easier than ever. A variety of colors, sheet sizes, paper formats, and rule styles are available for notebooks.

Office basics

Office essentials help your staff to be productive. Binder clips and paper clips, staplers and punches, scissors and rulers, tape and dispensers, sticky notes, and memo pads are available at Staples.

Desk accessories

A tidy desk is achievable with the proper office supplies, allowing you to maintain your concentration on the work at hand. Consider utilizing desktop organizers, letter trays, wall files, file sorters, drawer organizers, and other workplace accessories to prevent clutter and encourage productivity.

School supplies

Staples provides older students with binders of different ring sizes and colors, calculators, planners, glue sticks, and even PCs, office chairs, and other college and dorm room requirements.

Bags and briefcases

Staples has everything from backpacks and briefcases to lunch totes and laptop bags. Popular brands like as JanSport, L.L.Bean, and Samsonite are available for the highest quality transport of books and office equipment. Briefcases range from elegant and contemporary to practical and spacious.

Calendars and planners

Track appointments and assignments with ease, using a range of formats that accommodate any working and notetaking style. Find colorful planners to spruce up your stack of books, or go for a minimalist design.

Other school and office necessities

Other office supplies include printer paper and other stationery, office storage and organization options, arts and crafts for home or school, and boards and easels ranging from whiteboards to easel pads to bulletin boards.

Staples has everything you need to stock an in-school or at-home learning space or the break room with office essentials.

What are Office Supplies?

Which Office Supplies Do You Need?

How can you choose which office supplies you require when so many possibilities are available? The optimal goods for you rely on your field, industry, or department:


Stocking a company office need economical equipment that enhance durability and feature sets. Look for office furnishings such as desks, seats, storage, and trash cans to outfit the room. Next, consider equipment such as photocopiers and printers.

Then, think about smaller office supplies such as post-it notes, business cards, pencils, staplers, Staples tape dispensers, and other desk items. With so many employees utilizing these devices, it is prudent to stock up on staples, printer paper, and ink and toner refills.

Staples offers coffee makers, machines, and brewers, plastic utensils, disposable plates, and consumables such as coffee, tea, cream, and sugar, as well as cleaning supplies for after lunch, for a perfect break room.

Home office

Work-from-home necessities consist of a robust and effective desk and an ergonomic and durable home office chair. These essential pieces should look and feel great in your home. Next, examine displays and PCs with the performance to simultaneously execute various software applications.

If your home office has the room, employ a dual-monitor configuration for optimal efficiency and management. To organize critical papers and data, you may also want a quality home and office printer with the appropriate toner and ink as well as the appropriate office equipment and storage.


Most schools will give a list of required materials, but you may need additional items. For students of all ages, you will need a sturdy backpack, a lunch bag, a water bottle, as well as notebooks, erasers, pencils, and other writing and drawing implements.

What are Office Supplies?

Markers, colored pencils, gluesticks, kid’s scissors, and anything in interesting colors or styles are essential for elementary education. You will need a calculator, pens & pencils, binders, and a pencil case for higher grades.

Students in middle school will require graph paper, topic notebook dividers, protractors, flash drives, and weekly planners. High school students require scientific calculators, combination padlocks for their lockers, hole punchers, multicolored pens for taking notes, and lip balm to survive the day.


College elevates returning to school to a higher level. The most essential items on your list should be a working laptop computer and a durable backpack. Next, search for writing instruments that can endure thousands of pages of notes, as well as lined paper or notebooks for taking notes.

Also essential for transitioning to college life are dorm necessities such as wall hooks and hanging strips, power strips, a compact office desk, and ample storage. To save money on cafe trips, replace lunch bags with a nice travel mug and invest in a coffee machine and milk frother.

How Should You Organize Office Materials?

Organization is essential for a productive workplace. Utilize the following suggestions for arranging resources at home or in the office to increase your efficiency.

How to Organize Office Supplies at Home

Get rid of any superfluous receipts and loose paper.

Obtain the right filing system for vital papers.

Use colorful markers to color-code your folder filing system and a bold marker to name folders.

Purchase drawer organizers and office/desk space-efficient storage solutions

Classify drawers by frequency of use and kind of office supplies.

Purchase a bookshelf that matches your area and organize your books by genre, frequency of usage, or color to achieve an aesthetically attractive appearance.

Make use of wall space for whiteboards, bulletin boards, post-it notes, and wall calendars. Wall calendars provide additional room for desk items or an open workspace.

What are Office Supplies?

How to Organize Supplies for Office Use

Consider what you require depending on the number of employees, the most frequently used items, the number of office locations you must offer, and any special aspects of your corporate culture.

Some workplace items, such as desks and chairs, will stay on the office floor, while monitors will stand on the desks. For a tidy workstation, everyday objects such as post-it notes, pencils, paperclips, and other minor supplies should be kept within reach but out of sight.

Consider placing a desk organizer on each desk to keep the minor office requirements in one location.

For communal devices such as whiteboards and printers, it is likely that not every employee requires their own. Consider placing some of these in common areas and meeting rooms.

Keep additional office supplies in an office supply closet. Organize the supply cupboard in an orderly fashion. Use large storage boxes and totes to store printer paper and new note pads at the bottom. Utilize shelves to store smaller goods, and keep frequently used items at eye level.

Place hand sanitizers and all-purpose cleaning wipes on workstations to promote their use. Larger cleaning materials should be stored in lower kitchen cabinets, while pantry products should be dispersed throughout cabinets and organized by category.


One of the main purposes of having an office is to be able to work from home. Having supplies in your office helps you do this. You may even choose to have a separate office for working from home.

Your office supplies will vary depending on whether or not you have children and how many you have. However, there are some items that you will always need regardless of whether you have children or not.

Office supplies include things like: pencils, pens, paper, computer paper, a printer, sticky notes, post-it notes, staples, scissors, tape, and file folders.

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