What are the Different Types of Office Management Jobs?

Even for managers with identical fundamental responsibilities, there are a range of office management positions. Managers of the office are responsible for hiring, training, promoting, and terminating personnel.

The many sorts of office management occupations include medical, business, legal, and remotely managed administrative positions.

What is an office manager?

A manager of the office manages administrative chores and processes for a company. They are responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and maintaining structure for corporate personnel.

What are the Different Types of Office Management Jobs?

It is their obligation to ensure operations function smoothly so that personnel may do responsibilities on behalf of the firm.

What does an office manager do?

A manager of the office examines payroll, scheduling, and document management processes. They arrange or build filing systems for secret information and assess if each department’s budget is being reached.

In addition to appointing and training personnel to assist in managing office operations, office managers may also periodically review their performance. They can organize meetings with senior-level employees to discuss events or pertinent job subjects.

Here are some of the roles and responsibilities often included in an office management position’s job description:

  • As the primary point of contact for office supplies, billing, and shipping
  • Managing an executive’s schedule and arranging meetings with staff and clients.
  • Collaboration with the department of human resources to improve employee procedures
  • Coordination with the IT department about office supply allocation
  • Giving staff particular projects and assignments and evaluating their success
  • Addressing client issues and requests via phone or email conversation
  • Ensure that all team members conform to business policies.
  • Greet guests upon their arrival and do extra clerical duties as required.

What are the Different Types of Office Management Jobs?

There are several types of office management positions, despite the similarity of their fundamental responsibilities. Office managers oversee the administration of a business, ensuring that all necessary supplies and office equipment are available and in working condition.

Typically, they hire, dismiss, train, and promote personnel. This category encompasses occupations in corporate, medical, and legal offices, in addition to digitally controlled administration.

Corporate office management positions may involve a manager at each firm branch. A district manager oversees all branch managers, and travel is frequently a requirement of the job. Human resources, payroll, website content, and advertising campaigns may be planned and supervised by corporate office managers.

What are the Different Types of Office Management Jobs?

Medical office management professions need knowledge of anatomy, laboratory operations, and health care laws. These managers work in doctor’s offices, where they oversee assistants and guarantee the appropriate maintenance of patients’ medical data.

Patient confidentiality and the correct disposal of medical waste are only two of the most important concerns that a medical office manager must ensure his or her personnel is always aware of. There is a possibility that a medical assistant might be promoted to office manager.

Legal office positions demand experience and knowledge of legal procedures. Office managers may be in charge of a big staff of legal administrative assistants, as well as the daily administration operations and budgeting. Payroll management and human resources are additional responsibilities of many of these positions.

Virtual office managers sometimes work for many smaller firms on a part-time basis as opposed to a single company full-time. Small organizations are more likely than large enterprises to outsource or contract virtual office management tasks.

Small firms that are experiencing expansion but do not yet require a full-time or part-time office manager on-site may find remote virtual positions appealing.

Although other sorts of managers, such as those in information technology (IT) and sales, operate in offices, office management refers primarily to jobs engaged in the administration of a corporation.

The other sorts of management professions are departmental in character, whereas office management occupations are somewhat more broad. For example, a manager must be involved with the day-to-day operations of the workplace in order to ensure its smooth operation.

Office Management Functions

1. Planning

Creating a structure for the tasks necessary to meet the company’s goals is a crucial aspect of office administration. When you have a thorough understanding of the short- and long-term objectives of your firm, you can formulate a strategy for reaching those objectives. The initial step toward efficient operations and enabling control is meticulous planning and meeting preparation.

2. Organizing Resources

Planning and resource management go hand in hand to achieve organizational objectives. These assets consist of commodities, manpower, and financial support.

After planning, office managers delegate tasks, such as determining which resources are required and distributing them to the appropriate employees. The most effective office managers continuously coordinate work to keep resources moving toward predetermined objectives.

3. Staffing

Staffing is another essential duty of the office management. Executive office managers oversee or cooperate with human resources on all aspects pertaining to subordinate managers’ employment, recruiting, remuneration, promotion, and retirement.

4. Communication

Office management requires effective communication, a fundamental element of every well-functioning company. If an office manager cannot effectively communicate the company’s needs to his or her staff, then maximum efficiency cannot be achieved.

Does a certain team require a meeting place of a specified size to hold weekly meetings? Do they have the necessary technologies in this area? Remember that effective communication works both ways.

If this office manager is unable of articulating your company’s needs, then this office manager may not be a good fit for your corporation.

5. Working with IT

Modern office managers make extensive use of technology on the workplace. They may utilize software for their own day-to-day responsibilities and also help employees handle software and technology.

Possibly your organization utilizes digital facilities management software. Office managers also collaborate with the IT department to guarantee the seamless operation of all conference rooms, and should be educated on all video conferencing equipment and Wifi connections for workers and guests.

6. Motivation

Motivation, a highly complex aspect of office management, comes in two forms. Both internal and external motivation are considered. When employees are self-motivated, the office manager’s job becomes easier.

When they are not, however, it is the responsibility of office management to externally inspire them. This incentive should meet the demands of the workforce while also being competitive, productive, and all-encompassing.

When external motivation performs all of these things, the morale of your office employees will be good and they will be more inclined to enhance their performance.

Required education to become an office manager

If you wish to work as an office manager, you must receive a high school certificate or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED). Most firms require a bachelor’s degree as evidence of your qualifications for the employment.

Additionally, a bachelor’s degree might enhance your earnings. Consider studying human resource management, business administration, and management information systems, which are all related subjects. You can still obtain a degree in another discipline to qualify for this position.

Required work experience to become an office manager

You are suitable for this position if you have two to five years of experience working in a company’s human resources department or doing administrative duties.

Working as an administrative assistant or office clerk may give prospects for growth and certification. Leadership, buying, planning, coordinating, or contract administration experiences enhance your qualifications for the position of office manager.

You can earn the following office manager certifications to add to your resume:

Certified Business Office Manager (CBOM)

This credential is conferred by the Management Strategy Institute and includes financial management, information technology, and human resources. Certification might take between one week and one month to accomplish, and you must pass an exam to earn it.

Certified Administrative Professional (CAP)

This certification is administered by the International Association of Administrative Professionals, and it takes many months to finish the course and prepare for the exam.

You will study themes like organizational communication, information dissemination, project management, and operations. You must register for the exam prior to taking it.

Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence (PACE)

This certification is conferred by the American Society of Administrative Professionals, and it focuses on interpersonal skills, task management, technical abilities, and managerial skills necessary to flourish as a recruiting manager.

What are the Different Types of Office Management Jobs?

The certification test requires months of study, and certification must be renewed every two years after passing.

Essential skills in an office manager job

In order to excel in this profession, office managers must possess a variety of abilities. To grow your office management job, develop the following abilities:


To prioritize activities such as filing confidential papers, organizing meetings and appointments, and making presentations for executive staff, office managers must possess excellent organizational abilities.

Employers are interested in how you’ve handled office personnel in the past, your present workload, and how your actions have contributed to the success of the organization.


Day-to-day, office managers must communicate with all levels of organization personnel, as well as customers and visitors. Interacting with each of these connections allows you to develop your relationship-building and personality-management skills.

Technological skills

Email, word processing software, and spreadsheets must be utilized efficiently by office managers to facilitate office operations and keep assignments on track. In addition, they utilize presentation software to produce and deliver presentations to staff on internal themes related to corporate policy or operations.

The variety of technical talents you provide on your resume should show how rapidly you can adjust to the function of office manager and the programs you need to interact effectively with coworkers.


Success in this role will depend on your leadership skills as an office manager. Given that it is a management position, this talent might be listed as a necessity in a job description.

If you highlight a variety of leadership abilities on your resume, prospective employers will be able to determine how you make judgments and adapt to changing conditions.


Office managers handle the budget for office supplies and client invoice payments. Budgeting indicates the ability to control a company’s costs to keep it sustainable and enhance its financial performance. It may demonstrate how you seek for hidden expenditures and perform research on the finest spending techniques.

Attention to detail

Office managers utilize their attention to detail to organize and maintain the office. Employers value these talents because they enable you to maintain concentrate on a single job while maintaining the correctness of your work.


Administrative experts provide assistance to a single individual or a whole corporation. Therefore, businesses seek people who can collaborate well with others and provide, receive, and request ideas and assistance.

Time management

Due to the fact that administrative staff frequently juggle several duties for different teams or departments, you will need to prioritize your work and organize your calendar — both in the short and long term — to complete everything on time. You may also be required to remind people of particular deadlines.

Salary and Occupational Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most administrative positions pay between $30,000 and $40,000 annually (BLS). Material recording clerks at the bottom of the wage tier receive a median yearly compensation of $30,010. 2 Executive assistants make a median annual compensation of $60,890, which is double the amount.

What are the Different Types of Office Management Jobs?

The BLS estimates that administrative job opportunities will increase owing to retirements and career changes. These professions demand organization, communication, and technical abilities, although individuals with a high school diploma and further training are frequently accepted.

Common Administrative Job Titles

The following list of administrative job titles is sorted by job type. Below is a description of each job category. Consult the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook for further information on each job classification.

Administrative Assistants and Secretaries

Administrative assistants and secretaries conduct a number of administrative and clerical tasks. They may answer the phone and provide customer service, organize files, prepare paperwork, and set up appointments.

Some businesses swap the phrases “secretaries” and “administrative assistants.” However, administrative assistants frequently have greater responsibilities. In addition to doing secretarial duties, they may also organize meetings and conferences, handle bookkeeping activities, and manage the office budget.

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Administrative Director
  • Administrative Manager
  • Administrative Services Manager
  • Administrative Services Officer
  • Administrative Specialist
  • Administrative Support Manager
  • Administrative Support Supervisor
  • Administrator
  • Assistant Director
  • Executive Assistant
  • Executive Services Administrator
  • Human Resources Administrator
  • Legal Secretary
  • Medical Secretary
  • Program Administrator
  • Program Manager
  • Secretary
  • Senior Administrative Coordinator
  • Senior Administrative Services Officer
  • Senior Executive Assistant
  • Senior Special Events Coordinator
  • Senior Support Assistant
  • Senior Support Specialist
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Special Programs Coordinator

Bill and Account Collectors

Bill and account collectors aid in the management and maintenance of a company’s finances. They accept payments, maintain financial data, and coordinate the settlement of past-due invoices. Frequently, they assist debtors in finding methods to settle their delinquent obligations. They may also conduct other clerical tasks.

  • Account Collector
  • Bill Collector
  • Billing Coordinator

Financial Clerks

This category covers bookkeepers, accountants, and auditors. These clerks manage and create financial records for businesses. There are also financial clerks with less specific responsibilities, such as assisting clients and doing financial transactions.

What are the Different Types of Office Management Jobs?

Bookkeepers, accountants, and auditing clerks demand tertiary education, whereas these clerks require a high school diploma. They frequently require accounting courses or expertise.

  • Accounting Clerk
  • Auditing Clerk
  • Bookkeeper
  • Credit Clerk
  • Financial Clerk
  • Office Manager
  • Office Support Manager
  • Office Support Supervisor
  • Senior Administrative Analyst

General Office Clerks

General office clerks are responsible for a range of administrative duties. They may answer phones, file paperwork, type and preserve documents, and help customers. They may also do accounting and financial activities.

  • Billing Clerk
  • Contract Administrator
  • File Clerk
  • General Office Clerk
  • Office Clerk
  • Staff Assistant
  • Typist
  • Word Processor

Information Clerks

Information clerks do a number of administrative tasks. They frequently gather information to aid the organization. This may entail scanning databases, obtaining files, or keeping records. Typically, they require at least instruction or expertise with spreadsheet software.

  • Data Entry
  • Information Clerk
  • Records Management Analyst
  • Support Assistant
  • Support Specialist

Mail Clerks

Clerks in the postal service receive, sort, and deliver mail. They may also help consumers in person or over the phone.

  • Mail Clerk
  • Mail Clerk Leader

Material Recording Clerks

Material recording clerks keep track of product data. They assure the correct transportation of goods, track shipments, and manage inventories. They may perform some data entry in an office, but the majority of their work is spent tracking inventories at the company’s warehouse.

  • Facility Manager
  • Material Recording Clerk
  • Senior Coordinator


Receptionists carry out a number of administrative responsibilities. They are frequently the initial point of contact for consumers and clients. They answer the phone, greet clients, and respond to inquiries on the organization.

  • Client Relations Manager
  • Office Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Virtual Receptionist


Office management jobs are a great career choice for college students who like working in a team environment with people from different backgrounds and have an outgoing personality.

Office managers are responsible for managing all areas of a business’s operations. They oversee budgeting, accounting, human resources, marketing, and more.


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