What Is a Digital Coupon? Definition, Types, How To Use

Digital coupons are manufacturer or shop coupons that may be redeemed online without printing. Customers may clip coupons online and redeem them at the cashier using their phone number. Continue reading to learn all you need to know.

What Is a Digital Coupon?

A digital coupon is a discount code for a product or service that is either communicated or kept online. The premise behind a digital coupon is the same as that for a standard clip out paper coupon.

Especially, to provide the bearer a specified discount on any certain transaction. What separates a digital voucher is the manner it is gathered and used.

What Is a Digital Coupon?

Most digital coupons resemble their paper counterparts, but instead of coming in print, they are posted online or emailed as attachments. Typically, recipients must print them themselves.

This type of digital communication is often highly economical for producers. Renting advertising space in newspapers or paying to include coupons in direct mailings is typically far more expensive than just posting a deal online. Consumers may view all available coupons and then print only those they plan to use.

What types of digital coupons are there?

There are a number of coupons available to consumers. They include.

Downloadable coupons

These sorts of coupons are available to consumers in a variety of sources. Customers download discounts through a company’s website, emails, and social media platforms. Typically, these coupons are also available via mobile devices.

Mobile coupons

Those e-commerce platforms who have integrated mobile applications into their operations provide discounts that are exclusive to mobile devices to increase sales through this channel.

What Is a Digital Coupon?

Coupon codes

The proliferation of discount codes is mostly attributable to the expansion of e-commerce. This sort of discount is quicker than coupon downloads and simpler for the client to redeem at the register. These codes consist of a brand-unique combination of numbers and letters.

Automatic discounts

The rising popularity of discounts that are automatically applied at checkout is due to the fact that the consumer does not have to do anything to obtain the discount.

These are effective for ecommerce businesses since online merchants entice clients with a discount offer, hence minimizing shopping cart abandonment and churn rate.

How do coupons benefit online businesses?

What Is a Digital Coupon?

Digital coupons are gaining popularity in the online retail industry. In 2013, 52 percent of adult Internet users in the United States, or 102.5 million people, redeemed a digital coupon of some kind, according to a recent eMarketer survey.  By the end of 2014, this number is expected to reach approximately 111 million, or 55 percent of the population.

Digital coupons exist because they assist ecommerce firms generate income. They are advantageous for internet sellers for several reasons:

  • It is simple to distribute coupons.
  • Utilizing online analytics, businesses monitor their growth and ROI.
  • They assist boost conversions and decrease cart abandonment.
  • Coupons inspire consumers to become repeat purchases.
  • Various avenues are utilized by businesses to reach a younger client base. online
  • Technology guarantees that coupons are used just once, hence decreasing rejections and misredemptions and speeding up reimbursements from manufacturers.
  • Customers find digital coupons more handy. Since they are provided digitally, they are cost-effective and efficient.
  • By providing customers with coupons, companies display their appreciation for them.
  • External auditing procedures require well-documented reports.
  • Ecommerce firms determine which coupon distribution channels they will utilize.

Coupons, according to detractors, also diminish the average order value. For example, firms frequently provide incentives for slow-selling merchandise to encourage further purchases.

What Is a Digital Coupon?

Coupons provide new revenue streams regardless of their type. Online retailers employ coupons to generate bottom-line capital gains, increase client retention rates, and decrease shopping cart abandonment.

How to Use Digital Coupons

Find Out if Your Stores Offer Digital Coupons

Check the websites or apps of your local retailers as a first step. You should search for coupons. If they provide digital coupons, they will indicate so on their websites. The following local retailers provide digital coupons:

  • Tops Markets
  • Wegmans
  • Dollar General
  • Walgreens
  • Family Dollar
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club

Sign Up for Account

Sign up for an account if you discover that your retailer provides digital coupons. If you already have an account with this store, this step may be simplified. This procedure allows you to build a profile so that digital discounts may be linked to your account.

What Is a Digital Coupon?

Thus, when you shop, your identity will be recognized. This may involve attaching a customer’s loyalty card or even simply their phone number. This may vary from shop to store.

Load Coupons

Once your account has been created, you can load coupons into your account. To add coupons, you just to click on the coupons. Typically, some have a checkmark. If your retailer enables coupon stacking, there may be a difference between digital and paper coupons.

They may have segregated the coupons into manufacturer and retailer coupons. If a retailer offers a digital coupon, it may be possible to combine it with a manufacturer’s discount for further savings.

Redeem Coupons in Store

The final step is redeeming those digital coupons! Simply go shopping and acquire the relevant products.

Then, depending on the retailer, you may either scan your loyalty card or input your phone number at checkout to view the digital coupon discounts. Just double-check that they have been removed. Sometimes, coupons may not be able to be removed.


Digital coupons are used to help customers save money and gain additional discounts. Digital coupons can be created for any business by uploading a coupon code to a website.

What Is a Digital Coupon?

A digital coupon allows customers to receive savings in the form of a discount or credit toward the purchase price of the product. They can be redeemed on any website where the business operates an online store.

Digital coupons work in the same manner as traditional paper coupons. Customers redeem the coupon when they buy the item, then return it for a refund or credit toward the purchase price of the item.


If you’re looking for a way to save money with minimal effort, two words: digital coupons. What are digital coupons? They’re coupons you can use just like paper ones, but they come in electronic form. Digital coupons can be store or manufacturer coupons — they can even be rebate app offers.
Digital coupons are manufacturer or store coupons redeemed electronically and do not require printing. Shoppers can digitally clip the coupons and redeem at the register with your phone number (Celebrate Rewards ID).
How to create a Digital Coupon
  1. Visit the PassKit Portal.
  2. Click on the Coupon icon.
  3. Upload your images for both the Google and Apple Design. …
  4. Now fill the detail about your coupon campaign (Template Info).
  5. Next, choose what information you want to display on the digital coupon.
Digital coupons are more convenient from a customer standpoint. They’re cost-effective and efficient since they’re delivered digitally. Businesses demonstrate they value their customers be rewarding them with a coupon. Auditing processes are external, so reporting well-documented.
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