What Is a Gift Receipt? 10+ Facts About It

Almost everyone is familiar with the receipts supplied by stores and supermarkets following a transaction. Moreover, consumers typically request a gift receipt when purchasing things or services to give as gifts.

Let’s analyze the significance and particulars of a gift receipt. 

What Is a Gift Receipt?

A shop issues a gift receipt at the time of purchase, in the same manner as a conventional receipt. The main difference between a conventional cash register receipt and a gift receipt is that the latter omits the purchase pricing.

On a gift receipt, the purchased items may or may not be identified by name; stores provide varied levels of detail. Such receipts enable the purchaser to purchase and present a gift without revealing the purchase amount.

What Is a Gift Receipt?

If required, the gift recipient may use the receipt to return or replace the item. The majority of shops give consumers with an itemized receipt of their purchases upon conclusion of a transaction.

This receipt often includes a description of each item, the price paid for it, and any reductions or coupons that were applied to the purchase. The receipt also includes the total amount paid and the manner of payment. In the event of a return, a normal store receipt assists the customer in keeping track of the items purchased and acts as proof of purchase.

Unlike ordinary receipts, gift receipts provide less details. Depending on the firm issuing the receipt, the list of items purchased may not include prices or a grand total. Some shops supply only a barcode that may be scanned in the event of a return, without any purchase or pricing information.

When purchasing a gift for a particular occasion, event, or holiday, both sorts of gift receipts are vital. Including a gift receipt in a birthday, holiday, or other box allows the recipient to return or exchange the item if necessary.

If a return or exchange is essential, the recipient can avoid the embarrassment or emotional damage of requesting a receipt from the giver. A gift receipt conceals the amount spent on the gift and does not disclose if the item or items were purchased on sale or with a coupon.

In addition to ordinary receipts, gift receipts are frequently produced during the holiday shopping season. In November and December, many businesses issue receipts in this manner. During other seasons of the year, it is possible to request a gift receipt at the point of sale.

If many gifts are purchased concurrently, the purchaser may be required to get multiple receipts at the register.

Can I Return a Gift to Target Without a Gift Receipt?

You may return a present to Target without a packing slip or gift receipt, but you will get a product return card that can only be used for in-store purchases.

How Do Gift Receipts Work for Merchandise Returns?

When you use a gift receipt to return items, you will often be granted shop credit rather than cash or a reimbursement to the credit card used to buy the gift. The shop credit may then be used to buy anything else in the store.

What Is a Gift Receipt?

Alternately, you may be able to swap the present for another item; however, if there is a price difference, you may either be required to pay the difference or get store credit in the amount of the difference, depending on which item was more costly.

During the Christmas shopping season, most merchants allow returns with a gift receipt for 15 to 30 days following the date of purchase or the day of the holiday.

2 ways to issue a gift receipt

Let’s examine two options shops have for issuing gift receipts.

Use a template document and fill in order details for simple gift receipts

It is handy when the number of weekly present orders is low, such as one or two. Downloading the template from the internet or creating one in Excel, Word, or any other word processor is all that is required. When a client wants a gift receipt, you manually populate all fields, including the customer’s name, the products purchased, the amount, etc. Then, you may print and distribute gift receipts to your customers. You may also send an email copy to the recipient.

Use a POS system to print gift receipts quickly and accurately

If you receive a large number of requests for gift receipts, you should reduce manual and laborious tasks as much as possible in order to save time and improve customer service. It is advised that shops print gift receipts using a POS system.

A POS system will consolidate data and assist shops in recording in-store sales transactions. Even more shops use POS to capture phone orders. The POS system will instantly retrieve data from the order (item name, quantity, and customer name) as well as previously set data (shop name, refund policy, etc.) to show on the gift receipt.

In particular, after a successful transaction, the cashier can print or reprint a gift receipt in addition to a standard sales receipt. A standard receipt and a gift receipt have the same design (font, color, and size) and dimensions.

A gift receipt solely lists goods purchased for the purpose of giving. If a consumer purchases some products for themselves and others as gifts, the cashier should only provide gift receipts for the latter.

If the receiver wishes to return or exchange an item, they may locate the business using order details and present the gift receipt to request after-sales services. The store owner will scan the gift receipt’s barcode or order ID to verify and process the request.

Why do retailers need gift receipts for their business?

On important events such as birthdays, weddings, and holidays, individuals purchase gifts for family and friends. Despite the recent impact of COVID-19 on finances and buying habits, consumers still aim to retain and commemorate these important occasions.

According to an online poll conducted by Deloitte with more than 4,000 customers in September 2020, around 25 percent of the average planned holiday spending per family is for presents.

Gift-givers will either purchase products online or travel to the business to pick them up in person. However, the receiver may request a return or exchange if they dislike the present or it does not fit. To avail these after-sales services, customers must present a store-issued sales receipt.

What Is a Gift Receipt?

However, gift-givers do not like to disclose the prices of their purchases. They wish to conceal order details such as the discount, transaction amount, and payment method.

A receipt designed specifically for gift-giving will make purchasers and givers feel more at ease. Therefore, merchants enjoy more client satisfaction.

What information do merchants need to put on a POS gift receipt?

The gift receipt you provide to your clients should contain the following details:

Archive information

  • The shop’s information, including its name, address, and logo (if available)
  • The date and time the transaction was initially created.
  • The location’s transaction generated the Cashier’s name, who completed the transaction.
  • Returns and exchanges policy

Request information

A numeric and barcode-formatted list of purchased products or services, together with the total cost and Order ID.

How To Return a Gift on Amazon Without a Gift Receipt

If you wish to return an Amazon gift that was not marked as a gift when you received it, tick the box for the packing slip. This slip must have a “Order ID” number. Enter your Amazon login credentials. If you do not have an Amazon account, create one. Make your way to the Returns Center. Enter the order number that appears on the packing slip, then click the search button.

Select the item(s) you wish to return and the reason for the return. If you purchased the items from a third-party vendor, the vendor is required to validate your return request. After choose how you wish to return the item, follow the on-screen instructions.

When Amazon receives your return, it will provide you an Amazon gift card for the amount of the returned item, which you may use to purchase anything else on Amazon. However, the returned item must be in the same condition as when you received it, and any item over $2,000 may only be refunded to the original payment method.

If you do not have the order number but have the tracking number from the delivery box, you can call Amazon customer service and a representative will use the tracking information to find and process your return.

According to Amazon’s website, if you do not have the order number or the tracking number, you must contact the buyer for the information. However, some sites suggest that customer service may be able to verify the purchase using other information, such as the gift-name giver’s and email address.

What Is a Gift Receipt?

Giving a Gift Receipt at the Time of Purchase

When purchasing an item on Amazon, there are several options for identifying it as a gift. Check the box labeled “Add a Gift Receipt for Easy Returns” on the order page. Alternatively, check the “This Item Is a Gift” option in the Shopping Cart. Or, during the checkout process, select “Gift Options.”

Regardless of the choice you choose, the Add Gift Options page will be shown at checkout. Check the “Email the Recipient a Copy of Their Gift Receipt After the Gift Is Delivered” box, enter the recipient’s email address, and then click “Save Gift Options and Continue” to add a gift receipt.

After the present is delivered, they will get a gift receipt that they may use to return it if they so want.

How to Give a Gift Receipt with an Amazon Purchase

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Regardless of your selection, the Add Gift Options page will be displayed during checkout. To add a gift receipt, check the box labeled “Email the Recipient a Copy of Their Gift Receipt After the Gift Is Delivered,” input the recipient’s email address, and then click “Save Gift Options and Continue.”

After the gift has been delivered, the recipient will receive a gift receipt that they may use to return the item if they so want.

Giving a Gift Receipt After the Purchase

If you do not choose any of the gift boxes while purchasing a gift for someone, you can still give them a gift receipt if they require one. In the upper-right corner of Amazon’s site, select “Returns & Orders.”

Find the order for which a gift receipt is required and click “Share Gift Receipt.” Then, you have two options. Copy the link and send it through SMS, email, or any other manner you like.

You may also select “Download PDF” and email or print the PDF file to deliver to the recipient. The receiver can then return the gift as they would any other Amazon product.

Is It Rude To Ask for a Gift Receipt?

What Is a Gift Receipt?

Many gift-givers include a gift receipt so that the recipient can return or exchange a gift without asking for one. However, some gift contributors may not submit a gift receipt for a variety of reasons.

In these situations, if you wish to return or exchange a gift, you must obtain a receipt from the gift-giver or take the chance that the store where the item was purchased would accept the return without a receipt.

Gift Receipt and Gift Message

Check “Add gift receipt and note” under Gift Options in your shopping bag to include a Gift Receipt with your purchase. The Gift Receipt will lack pricing information, but the receiver may return or exchange the item(s) for a different size or color.

After selecting “Add gift receipt and message,” you can create a FREE gift message for the recipient. On the Gift Options page, the following options can be selected:

Include a gift note and gift receipt with your purchase.

Include multiple gift greetings and gift receipts with this purchase. If you select this option, you will be invited to select additional items to include with gift receipts and remarks.

Can I change my order to include a gift receipt?

Include a personalized gift note and gift receipt with your purchase.

Include multiple gift receipts and personalized notes for this transaction. If you choose this option, you will be invited to select the elements to include in the gift receipts and greetings.

What Is a Gift Receipt?


A gift receipt is a document produced by a merchant indicating the purchase of an item for a specific individual.

This is quite helpful for firms who need to monitor presents. When a business sends an email or text message including a link to a gift receipt, it serves as verification that a product was purchased.


A gift receipt may or may not list the items purchased by name; different retailers include different amounts of information. Such receipts allow the purchaser to buy and give a gift without revealing the price paid. The recipient of the gift is able to use the receipt to return or exchange the item if needed.
“Keep in mind even with a gift receipt that person is not going to get a cash refund, or a credit card refund,” he warns. “They are going to get merchandise credit, equal to the amount the gift giver paid or they are going to get an even exchange.
A Gift Receipt Is Always a Good Idea

If you’re buying someone an expensive gift or an item of clothing, including the gift receipt is a smart move

You can request a gift receipt during Checkout for your Store Pickup order. If you request a gift receipt, the person who picks up the order will receive it at the store, whether it’s you or your designated pickup person. The gift receipt does not show the cost of items but can be used for returns.
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