What is a Product Coordinator? Salary, Skill, Responsibility

A product coordinator is an employee in a company who works with the sales force to manage product orders, production, inventory control, and customer service. 

What is a Product Coordinator?

You will work as a Product Coordinator for a manufacturing firm. You are responsible for product management. Specific responsibilities include managing product life cycle management, monitoring product distribution, assisting with new launches, completing the necessary documentation, and reporting to the proper teams.

Production Coordinators also need competence in production, communication, time management, business acumen, computer abilities, and teamwork. In addition, you must possess analytical ability, numerical skills, and compassion.

Product Coordinators must obtain a bachelor’s degree in engineering or business. Experience in customer service, data input, and product development is required. As a Product Coordinator, you can expect to earn around $57,000 per year on average.

As a Product Coordinator, there is more involved than meets the eye. For instance, did you know that their average hourly wage is $25.65? That is $53,343 annually!

Between 2018 and 2028, this profession is projected to increase by 20%, adding 139,200 jobs in the United States.

Product Coordinator Resume Examples

Product Coordinators are employed by manufacturers and are accountable for product management. Specific responsibilities detailed in an example resume for a Product Coordinator include overseeing product life cycle management, tracking new distribution, finding strategies to pique customer interest, assisting with product releases, completing paperwork, and providing pertinent reports.

Our database of Product Coordinator resumes emphasizes proficiency in production, leadership, time management, commercial awareness, computer abilities, and cooperation. The majority of Product Coordinators has degrees in engineering or business.

What is a film coordinator responsible for?

  • Placing manufacturing orders
  • Responding to electronic mail and telephone calls 
  • Organizing production documentation

What does a production coordinator do?

Typically, a coordinator works in the production office performing administrative jobs and clerical duties. What responsibilities does a production coordinator have in particular?

What is a Product Coordinator?

They can vary according on the various phases of manufacturing, but commonly include the following responsibilities.

1. Manage the production office

Coordinators report to a unit production manager, but are often in charge of office management. This often include procuring supplies or equipment for the production office, ensuring that bills are paid, onboarding new employees, and publishing call sheets, script changes, and production reports.

2. Be the point of contact for a production

Large productions might have a massive workforce and talent pool. The coordinator is their point of contact for inquiries regarding production schedule, set locations, etc. Coordinators inform the cast and crew of their call times and places. Using software such as StudioBinder’s film crew list management software facilitates the organization of all crew and talent contact information.

3. File and organize production paperwork

Filing and arranging production documentation is one of the most clerical jobs. Typical production documentation includes invoices, call sheets, production reports, shot schedules, shooting permits, location release documents, insurance documentation, and even visas.

Check out our video on production insurance, call sheets, and scheduling to learn more about each.

Coordinators frequently use production management software to keep organized, such as StudioBinder’s production calendar software.

4. Transportation and Scheduling

Coordinators are responsible for monitoring any scheduling changes and ensuring that crew and talent are informed of any alterations. The film scheduling software from StudioBinder makes this more straightforward and structured. They are also responsible for arranging transportation for the personnel and artists.

5. Manage production assistants

Creating a chain of command, unit production managers frequently allocate a team of production assistants (PAs) to the coordinator.

Coordinators assign PAs duties such as running errands for the production, acquiring supplies, and moving talent on the lot.

How to become a production coordinator

Production coordinator positions are entry-level. As a production assistant, you may demonstrate that you have the required abilities to be a successful coordinator. There is a needed skill set that will allow you to succeed in the position.

1. Organization

Organization may be the most critical ability for a coordinator. Managing clerical paperwork, staff, and other administrative responsibilities can be challenging. An organized coordinator is essential for the efficient operation of a production office.

2. Time management

Due to the fact that they coordinate schedules, call sheets, and transportation, coordinators must be adept at time management.

3. Communication

As the primary point of contact for a production, a coordinator must possess strong communication skills. They must be able to successfully interact and communicate with all sorts of individuals who may be engaged in the production. They must also be emotive and receptive.

4. Creative problem solving

A smoothly operating production office is not the result of everything falling into place. There will be hurdles and difficulties. To keep the production operating well, a coordinator must be able to rapidly and creatively fix these issues.

Production coordinator salary

According to Glassdoor, the average annual income for a production coordinator is $47,316. Typically, coordinators are contracted for specific productions. The compensation or hourly rate for these projects will vary based on their duration.

The position is freelance, thus coordinators work from gig to gig. Consequently, the production coordinator remuneration will vary considerably.

Find production coordinator jobs

Networking is the greatest approach for a production coordinator to locate employment opportunities. Specifically in Los Angeles, networking will certainly secure you your next job. Using websites like as Backstage’s crew hub page, Indeed, and MediaMatch will assist you in finding employment prospects.

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Production coordinators play a crucial part in the administrative aspect of film productions. Explore comparable occupations such as producer, cinematographer, and director to continue with our series on the many filmmaking vocations and duties.

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What is a Product Coordinator?

Duties and Responsibilities

Perform file cleansing and preparation, examine pre-press and printer proofs for book projects, and proofread digital goods.

Assisting with peer review, communicating with writers, gathering and evaluating submissions, verifying rights, and documenting artwork and text files.

Examining text, photos, and licenses to evaluate production readiness.

Managing the application procedure for CIP/LOC for printed books.

Managing the creation of reprints, including maintaining stock reports, planning reprint schedules, reviewing content, altering graphics, updating covers, sending files to the printer, and supervising production.

Supervising suppliers, scanning pre-printed books, doing file cleanup and preparation, repurposing files for print-on-demand, eBooks, and other digital production formats, and managing the production process.

Working with the publications team on marketing publications, including the planning and creation of advertisements, the planning and preparation of displays at institutional events, the organization of materials for conference table displays, the creation of discount order forms, and the scheduling and shipment of materials for display at off-campus conferences.

Assisting with administrative tasks, such as monitoring the ecommerce website and the departmental email, addressing requests for picture and text rights, managing complimentary and review copies, making and distributing offprints for authors, and closing out completed volumes.

Contributing to the department’s objectives by performing needed relevant responsibilities.

Where To Look For Film Production Coordinator Jobs

If you are currently working, it might be difficult to find film production coordinator positions, but if you are jobless, it is not as difficult because production firms are constantly in need of assistance.

What is a Product Coordinator?

In addition, there are other freelancing possibilities available on various websites that might supply you with multiple career chances. To locate these websites, simply search Film Production Coordinator Jobs in the job area of the Internet. Many results will be returned, and you can apply to each one.

There are always lots of film production coordinator positions available in the entertainment sector, since projects require coordinators to ensure that everything runs smoothly from day to day. You can also seek employment in other fields, like as post-production and even editing.

People typically build contacts inside their own industry prior to going elsewhere, therefore competition for these positions is typically lower.

In addition to job platforms like Monster and Craigslist, you may locate film production coordinator opportunities by applying directly to firms you believe would be a good fit for your talents and expertise.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that film production coordinator jobs are not exclusive to large companies like Warner Bros. or Disney, but can exist at smaller businesses, so don’t rule anything out until you’ve tried it.


A coordinator of production is responsible for managing quality assurance and ensuring that the production team fulfills its objectives.

This includes the planning, scheduling, directing, and execution of production operations to ensure maximum project performance.

Other responsibilities include the creation of cost-effective methods designed to achieve superior business practices. The typical career development for this post is to assume a managing or directorial position.

Typically, a bachelor’s degree in business management or a similar subject is the minimal level of education required for production coordinator positions.

In some situations, employers may accept credentials in lieu of a bachelor’s degree.

Employers frequently require prior experience as a production coordinator or in a comparable capacity, and successful applicants typically show strong analytical and problem-solving abilities as well as a solid understanding of technical tools.


As a Product Coordinator, you will work for a manufacturing company. You are responsible for product management. Specific duties include overseeing product life cycle management, tracking product distribution, helping with product launches, doing appropriate paperwork, and reporting to relevant teams.
Production Coordinator Requirements:
  • A degree in film, marketing, communication, or a related field.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Prior experience in the film industry.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • Experience with administrative tasks.
How to Become a Production Coordinator. A production coordinator (POC) needs a background in television and film. Most earn at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field, typically communications, film, or marketing. Those interested in becoming a production manager often earn a master’s degree.
At larger organizations, product managers can take on high-level work like managing a team. In smaller organizations, a product manager might do more hands-on work, such as market research, or even some project management.
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