What Is a Shipping List? Oveview, Note, 4 Facts

A shipping list is a tool that allows you to make shipments or deliveries easier for you. With the help of a shipping list you are able to keep track of all the packages you ship, or all the items you receive in one place.

What Is a Shipping List?

Often referred to as a packing list, a shipping list is a declaration from a shipper explaining each component of a sent order. In addition to documenting the order’s contents by size, color, and number, as well as the date the order was received and dispatched, the shipping list typically details any modifications to the order, such as back orders or out-of-stock products.

What Is a Shipping List?

The shipping list provides the consumer with a written record of the transaction and the necessary information to follow up with the shipper on the order. To guarantee that a client has received the proper cargo, the delivery may be cross-referenced with the shipping list, and any disparity can be brought to the notice of the delivery driver and verified to ensure that the shipper will reship the item and fix the shortage.

To guarantee that a client has received the right cargo, the delivery may be cross-referenced with the shipping list, and any discrepancies can be brought to the attention of the delivery driver and verified to ensure that the shipper will reship the item and fix the shortfall.

Is the customer order a shipping list?

Frequently, the shipment list is also the order sheet for the customer. After the consumer submits the order form to the manufacturer, a picker retrieves the appropriate products from inventory and packages them for shipment. The order form is delivered to the customer’s residence alongside the order.

Upon delivery, the driver will normally permit the client to compare the contents of the shipment to the order form/shipping list and verify that all products have arrived in excellent condition and as intended.

How does product return work?

In the case that an item must be returned, the shipping list is typically required to be returned with the purchase in order to confirm the nature of the customer’s complaint. In many cases, a duplicate invoice will accompany the initial shipment of a back-ordered item, while the original invoice will follow the balance of the order.

The initial invoice will contain a detailed explanation of the reason for the backorder as well as the anticipated completion date. Frequently, a shop credit or voucher will be included with the invoice as an apology for the delay in fulfilling the transaction.

Is a shipping list a legal necessity?

While a shipping list is not strictly a necessary document for Customs, it is advisable to include one in your cargo because it simplifies the import/export procedure for both shippers and Customs.

Why is a shipping list important when exporting goods from a given country?

  • It specifies the number of products being transported.It acts as evidence of the domestic Bill of Lading.
  • It specified the needed information for the Certificate of Origin.
  • It offers much of the information required by the Automated Export System’s Electronic Export Information section.
  • In the event that items are declared hazardous or harmful, it acts as evidence of a Material Safety Data Sheet.
  • It is used to make a reservation with the international airline and receive an international Bill of Lading.
  • It provides vital information that assists the Customs broker in putting the specified products into their country’s import database.
  • It provides as a guidance for the buyer/receiver while counting the merchandise received.
  • It acts as a justification for reimbursement under a letter of credit.

What Is a Shipping List?

How do I make an export shipping list?

Your export packing list must include the quantity of units, boxes, and any other accessible packaging information. All of these data must correspond to the Commercial Invoice and represent the same parties engaged in the transaction.

In addition to indicating if solid wood was used to pack the consignment, packing lists should include any required fumigation or heat treatment certificates.

When establishing a packing list, be as specific as possible about the shipment’s contents. Some crucial details to mention are:

  • Date
  • Contact details for shipper and exporter
  • Information about the addressee
  • The origin of a shipment
  • The shipping destination of goods

What Is a Shipping List?

  • Total quantity of packages included in this shipment
  • A comprehensive explanation of every bundle
  • The weight and volume of each package
  • The total volume and weight of the cargo
  • Number of the commercial invoice for this shipment

The most important thing when requesting a shipping

When a return is imminent, it is crucial to have the delivery driver sign the shipping list. This certifies that a problem with the order exists and that it is the shipper’s fault. Any return initiated after the item has been signed for and the driver has departed is the receiver’s responsibility and is not covered by the shipper or any shipping insurance.

What Is a Shipping List?


A packing slip is a piece of paper that lists everything that comes in a package. Shipping departments use the SKU numbers, weights, dimensions, and number of units on packing slips to figure out what inventory needs to be sent out to finish an order correctly.

Lastly, the buyer or person who got the order will compare the items they got to the packing slip to make sure they got everything they ordered.

A shipping list can be created in any number of ways. A good way to do this is with a spreadsheet. This method works best if you plan on sending the product or service to more than one person at a time.

What Is a Shipping List?

Once you’ve created the list, you can then send out an email with the information for each person. This method saves money by letting you create a bulk mailing. You can also have a page on your website where you can fill out a form for your customers to sign up for the list.

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