What is a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)? 10+ Facts

A statement of qualifications (SQ) is an educational document required by some organizations to prove the competency and experience of a candidate.

It contains the candidate’s education and training, professional experience and skills, and any certification obtained. In addition, a SQ may be required as part of an application process.

Required Application Documents

In addition to the State Examination/Employment Application (STD 678), job postings may include other papers (e.g., resume, statement of qualifications, supplemental questionnaire) required to complete the application package (e.g., resume, statement of qualifications).

If a mandatory application document is included in the job announcement but is absent from the application package, the candidate may not be considered for the position.

What is a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)?

The words statement of qualifications and summary of qualifications (both referred to as SOQ) are frequently confused.

Typically, a business develops a comprehensive statement of credentials that explains why they are the greatest organization for delivering services or products, or for attracting investors.

What is a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)?

To demonstrate their humanitarian talents, business strategy, and mission statement, non-profit organizations may compose a business plan.

Who Can Use a Statement of Qualifications?

Do not be deterred by the name. Yes, you do need rather significant qualifications to use a statement of qualifications format for your resume. Moreover, this mostly entails professional abilities and expertise.

However, you may also highlight educational achievements and transferrable talents in your SOQ. Therefore, it is the ideal resume beginning for those who wish to introduce themselves to the hiring manager in a unique and captivating manner.

How to Write a Statement of Qualifications

Now is the time to examine how to compose a statement of credentials that sticks out.

1. Review SoQ examples.

Beginning with a strong example might aid in getting started. We’ve provided some samples of Statements of Qualifications below to assist with your writing. A little amount of study prior to writing will save you time in the long run and assist you in producing the most professional-looking work possible.

2. Select your strongest skills and most impressive accomplishments.

Without a question, you have accomplished a great lot in your profession. Consider the SoQ a chance to emphasize your most significant accomplishments and the abilities that best support your position. This leads us to…

3. Tailor your SoQ to the job you’re applying for.

If you only remember one thing from this essay, please let this be it. Your SoQ must be suited to the position you are seeking.

In your bulleted list of achievements, you should use keywords from the job advertisement and speak to each of the essential criteria. You are essentially claiming, “I am the most qualified candidate for this position since I have previously achieved success in the required tasks.”

4. Focus on results.

It’s one thing to claim, “I increased sales in the Eastern area of XYZ Company.” It is much more impressive to announce that you increased sales by 600 percent and became the company’s top-earning sales manager.

If possible, illustrate the actual achievements you’ve produced to distinguish yourself as a contender.

5. Use action verbs.

Use an active voice throughout your CV and be extremely straightforward in your cover letter. You can use terms like:

What is a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)?

  • Reduced
  • Expanded
  • Managed
  • Facilitated
  • Improved
  • Created

6. Use fewer words for more impact.

We’ve all been required to read something with 400 words that might have been expressed in five. Don’t be that individual. Regarding your SoQ, consider concise, effective, and to the point.

7. Review your spelling and grammar.

Your résumé and any other documents you use to promote yourself should be error-free, thanks to spellcheck and (free) applications like Grammarly.

However, it is extremely tough to edit one’s own work. After running your resume through a grammatical software, have a buddy proofread it. Employers want to know that your written communication skills are superior and that, if recruited, you would have a keen eye for detail.

Statement of Qualifications Template and Examples

When writing your SoQ, take care to organize this section for maximum impact. You may use the following Statement of Qualifications template to include all of the essential information:

  1. Your current work title or certifications and years of experience
  2. Two or three credentials and talents that would enable you to flourish in the desired position
  3. Relevant quantifiable results (with data) to the obligations of this job

Let’s examine two SoQs for the same individual, a call center employee interested in a comparable position at a new organization.

What Not to Do

  • A knowledgeable call center agent with customer service abilities.
  • Responsible for responding to client complaints.
  • Rapid and precise data input abilitie
  • Applauded for excellent effort.

What To Do

  • Detail-oriented contact center agent with seven or more years of experience providing exceptional customer service.
  • Achieved a 15 percent shorter average call time than the team average.
  • The retraining of struggling coworkers led to a 25 percent reduction in recurrent calls.
  • Won “Highest Call Taker” title for 15 consecutive months.

SoQs for Special Situations

One of the most often asked issues regarding SoQs is, “What if I am early in my career or in the midst of a career change and lack documented experience?”

Everyone has once been a novice. There is no cause for guilt, and you have likely accomplished more than you realize. When you have recently graduated and are entering the workforce, it is okay (and even recommended) to emphasize both your schooling and internship experience. An illustration of this would be:

  • Cum Laude graduated from XYZ University with a 3.9 GPA as a Business Attorney.
  • Administrative, transactional, and employment law practicum experience.
  • Multiple court appearances, including hearings of evidence, were made.
  • Reviewed the discovery and aided with deposition preparation.

As you advance in your job, your bullet points will get stronger. As a mid-level employee, you will explain your personal accomplishments on the work, and as you advance to senior leadership, you will also highlight your leadership accomplishments – not only what you accomplished for yourself, but also how you contributed to the organization as a whole.

Obviously, there are very few people in the industry who understood what they wanted to do immediately after graduation and have remained in the same field for 40 to 50 years.

At least once, the majority of workers will switch employers, positions, and sectors. An SoQ will change somewhat for people seeking to transition into a whole new field.

What is a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)?

A Statement of Qualifications example for an individual shifting sectors will focus more on transferable talents that will appeal to recruiters in the new industry and less on particular accomplishments in the area the individual is leaving. These abilities consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Leadership skills
  • Management skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Project management skills
  • Interpersonal skills

Observe that every one of these talents is essential for every business you can imagine. If you can demonstrate that you have exhibited these talents in a different setting, they will have more faith in your capacity to do effectively in a new one.

Three Core Components

If you or other business owners you know engage in business-to-business or business-to-government sales, a SOQ is essential. Due to bids, estimates, and/or price quotations, your firm might fail or prosper.

Which prompts the question: Are you satisfied with your existing bidding or estimation procedure? Do you have the essential documents demonstrating why your company is the best alternative for the customer’s need?

In an effort to close a sale, do you rely on a traditional black-and-white price chart? Consider the following three components to add in your new and better SOQ before we discuss formatting.

1. Company Overview

If you own your own firm, that’s fantastic! You are tasked with writing the company overview. Possibly you already have a mission statement in place, but it is essential to include wording that focuses on how your business assists consumers in need.

Whenever feasible, include another employee. Before the SOQ company summary is finalized, they will give input and revisions.

If you are not the firm owner, it is prudent to involve your employer. It is, after all, their business. However, you desire to assist them in achieving excellence.

2. Services/Products You Provide

No one enjoys restaurants with menus that are difficult to read. We’ve all dined at restaurants with menus that are 1) difficult to read, 2) overloaded with options, or 3) unclear as to what the restaurant’s specialty is. (“Pepperoni pizza? I believed this establishment to be a seafood restaurant…”)

Don’t provide a subpar menu to potential clients.

The services/products part of your SOQ should be crystal clear, succinct, and exhaustive. In addition, it is essential to emphasize how your product(s) align with the customer’s expertise. (i.e., Did the client want a quote for the construction of a soccer stadium, but you only have expertise constructing ice cream shops?)

Keep your services straightforward; give no more than three to five offerings that improve the lives and companies of the people and organizations you contact. The prospect may read your SOQ and enquire about a service they didn’t know you offered or didn’t realize they required.

3. Relevant Company Experience

“Company Overview” and “Core Services” describe what you provide, but “Relevant Company Experience” illustrates why your company is prepared to answer the call and surpass expectations. This part is crucial, and is a major reason why a price table is insufficient when submitting a proposal.

Theme collaborates with business owners and marketing managers to portray corporate experience in a compelling manner, using a tried-and-true methodology.

We urge clients to include a mix of qualitative (e.g., customer testimonials) and quantitative indicators, as well as infographics or other visually engaging approaches to capture the reader’s attention and imagination. Which brings us to format.

What is a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)?

Where to Begin

Creating a high-quality SOQ paper is arduous, but it is worthwhile.

Consider the present capabilities of your firm and what you would offer a prospect in response to “Send me a proposal.” Consider now the following…

A aesthetically stunning paper showcasing your company.

This essay has focused solely on point three, the bulk of your SOQ paper. Cover, cover letter, and price chart are equally crucial, and you need a specialist to make the entire document stand out.

Certification by exam requiring a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)

Educators with a valid classroom teaching certificate and bachelor’s degree may add marketing, health science, and trades and industrial education with documented work experience and current license where necessary.

Experience and Licensure Verification Options

An accredited educator preparation program or hiring school system may verify experience and certification.

  • An accredited educator preparation program (EPP) that provides the certification area you are pursuing can verify your experience and license.
  • A credentialed administrator at your school district of employment can confirm your experience and certification. This service is optional for school districts. If your school system does not offer this service, you must contact an approved EPP.
  • You must complete the Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) and present an EPP or your employing school district with proof of current licensing, if necessary.
  • Military experience may be substituted for civilian licensing and paid work experience. You must submit documents DD-2586 and DD-214 together with your SOQ.
  • The Texas Administrative Code (TAC) section 233.14 contains rules for credentials requiring job experience and preparation.

Marketing with SOQ

An exam may be taken to add a marketing education certification to a legitimate classroom teaching credential with confirmed job experience.

  • Current valid teaching credential in Texas
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Two years of full-time experience in one or more marketing-related positions.
  • Marketing test
  • TEA will be provided with the verification performed by your district
  • The EPP will provide test authorisation for those who qualify

What is a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)?

Health Science with SOQ

A health science certification can be added to a legitimate classroom teaching credential with confirmed work experience and current licensing, certification, or registration as a health professions practitioner from a nationally recognized accrediting body.

  • Bachelor’s degree with a current, valid Texas teaching certificate
  • Two years of full-time paid experience as a health professions practitioner in a discipline nationally recognized by an accrediting body
  • Current licensing, certification, or registration as a health professions practitioner by a nationally recognized accrediting organization
  • Test of Health Science
  • TEA will be provided with the verification performed by your district
  • The EPP will provide test authorisation for those who qualify

Trade and Industrial Education with SOQ

A trade and industrial education certification may be added by exam to a valid classroom teaching certificate with verified work experience and current licensure, certification, or registration by a state or nationally recognized accrediting body in any of the occupations for which you will be teaching.

  • Current, valid teaching credential in Texas
  • Exam for bachelor’s degree Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities for Trade and Industrial Education
  • Two years of full-time wage-earning employment within the last 10 years
  • Current licensing, certification, or registration issued by a nationally recognized accrediting body based on a recognized exam or measurement
  • If license, certification, or registration is not based on a recognized exam or measurement, pass the necessary National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) assessment.
  • TEA will submit the district’s completed verification for test permission
  • The EPP will provide test authorisation for those who qualify

What are Desirable Qualifications?

The Desirable Qualifications serve as a basis for competitively evaluating each application and include distinctive personal attributes, interpersonal abilities, and other qualifications.

These criteria reflect extra traits the hiring manager seeks and offer the applicant with precise employment expectations against which they may compare their relative aptitude.

Candidates may tailor their job search by applying for opportunities with ideal credentials that align with their expertise and skills.

On the job advertisement, the hiring manager may or may not provide particular credentials that are desirable. Examples of desired credentials include:

  • Professional credentials or a license
  • Outstanding writing and verbal communication abilities
  • Experience doing training and peer reviews
  • Experience and familiarity with present CDCR Human Resources processes

What is a Supplemental Questionnaire?

A Supplemental Questionnaire is a tool for determining a candidate’s credentials and relevant work experience. Supplemental Questionnaires are comprised of a series of questions that may be scored as part of the application screening procedure and may function as a written interview for the recruiting.

What is a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)?

Helpful Tips

  • Grammar, clarity of language, and legibility are evaluated as part of the evaluation procedure.
  • Allow sufficient time to finish the relevant document(s) to eliminate the possibility ofmistake.
  • Answer all questions. If the question consists of many sections (A, B, and C), respond separately to each portion.
  • If a question does not apply to you, provide the response that is most closely comparable, or type “N/A.”
  • Be descriptive when responding to questions about your experience (where, when, what, how, and why)
  • Respond fully to each question with detailed examples that illustrate your qualifications.
  • Examine the entirety of the advertisement and address each qualification outlined in the recruiting individually.


A statement of qualifications is any part of a resume that includes a job title and an explanation of why a candidate is qualified to do a particular job.

As a hiring manager, I have the right to see all parts of your resume. That means I can look at your education history, work experience and training. All of those items are important to my decision. They may even be necessary. But they’re not enough on their own.

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