What is Advertising Design? Definition, Tips, 12 Facts

Advertising Design is the process of creating designs to promote products, services, and ideas as part of an advertising campaign. Typically, the term “design” refers to the creation of both print and non-print advertisements, but it can also refer to other creative marketing activities. 

Here, you will learn about the various advertising design types and how they function. You will also learn about the various techniques employed by advertisers in their marketing campaigns. 

What is Advertising Design?

Advertising design is the creation and arrangement of visual artwork for use in advertisements (ads) for products and services. Advertising agencies and corporate advertising departments hire graphic designers to create and implement brochures, direct mail, online advertisements, and print commercials.

What is Advertising Design? 

There are decorative typography, borders, cartoons, images, and images incorporated into the design. Advertising art must reach and convince the intended audience to purchase the advertised products or services.

What Does an Advertising Designer Do?

Designers of advertising construct the “meat” of a campaign. The graphic design team is tasked with bringing the concept to life under the direction of a creative director and an art director. A designer of advertisements conducts market research and develops advertising strategies to produce superior visual communication.

What Makes A Good Ad?

Since we have already discussed the importance of creating a design for advertising that has an impact on those who view it, we must now discuss all of the elements that make an advertisement memorable.

Let’s take a look at a few factors that contribute to an effective advertisement.

It should be relatable

A crucial aspect of creating advertising is ensuring its relevance to the intended audience. This can be accomplished by using individuals who represent your target audience and making them feel heard and seen in your advertisements.

Several well-known companies have created advertisements that are more inclusive of genders and ethnicities, allowing them to reach a larger audience. When people see relevant advertisements, their confidence in your company will increase immediately.

It should be memorable

There are numerous methods for making advertising memorable. Sometimes advertisements are so annoying that they become ingrained in the mind. On occasion, a commercial touches your heart and elicits strong feelings, and it stays with you for a long time.

Usually, brand and product are not prominently featured in the majority of emotive video advertisements. However, they continue to make reference to the advertised products. The advertisements that grab your attention have a strong message and tell a story that resonates with people.

It should be easy to comprehend and understand

If you create a confusing and convoluted advertisement, you will quickly lose their interest. When your advertisement conveys a clear message, customers will comprehend the product or service and recognize the brand’s story.

Your advertisement must resonate with the audience so that they are not confused. It should also be instructive, providing the audience with new knowledge. A clever advertisement will convey the message completely and clearly while capturing the audience’s attention.

Use it to gain the trust of your target audience

When creating advertisements for your business, there is one rule that must always be followed. never lie. If you consistently mislead your customers, you will never earn their trust. If consumers lack confidence in your brand, you will never achieve your business goals.

What is Advertising Design?

Consumers will never tolerate lying in advertising. It would be to your advantage to always be truthful in the advertisements you create for all services and products. You are not required to propose or make promises that you cannot fulfill.

You must ensure that your target audience is knowledgeable about all aspects of your brand. When consumers discover the integrity of your business practices, they will have faith in you and become devoted customers.

Features Of Good Advertising Design

Now that we understand what makes a good commercial, we must also become familiar with the advertising design elements that will assist you in creating an exceptional advertisement.

Certain elements must be prioritized when creating an advertisement to ensure that it attracts attention and leaves a lasting impression.


When creating an advertisement, you must ensure that the image or video is properly positioned. Those attempting to make sense of the photographs should not experience any confusion. The advertisement should appear comprehensive, and the audience should be able to follow its progression logically.


When we talk about repetition, we don’t just mean catchphrases, logos, and slogans. Obviously, every brand focuses on repeating these characteristics because doing so increases brand recognition. While designing the advertising, you should also repeat typefaces, color schemes, layouts, etc., so that people can identify you based on these characteristics.


Using contrast in the design of your advertisement may help attract attention. Utilize bold shapes and hues to emphasize the distinction. People must be able to distinguish between the two types of information, and the distinction must be clear.

The information that you want people to remember should be more prominent and immediately distinguishable from the rest of the advertisement.


A well-balanced advertisement design is simultaneously informative and engaging. Effective use of symmetry and negative space can help your design appear more balanced.

Excellent advertisement design utilizes white space to emphasize and draw attention to the most essential content. Your advertisement conveys a sense of order and harmony when it is balanced.

Types of Advertising Design with Examples

There are a variety of advertising design types, all of which can be utilized to attract attention. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most outstanding examples of advertising design and the strategies they use to effectively engage their target audience.

1. Direct Mail Advertising Design Example

You may view direct mail advertising as an obsolete concept when you consider it. In fact, it continues to be one of the most effective advertising methods. Even though the world has become more digital and more people are using email for personal communication, we still examine all mail that arrives at our home.

Green Belgium Mailing, a Belgian organization commemorating World Water Day, has one of the most original concepts for direct mail advertising. The advertising explaining the significance of water in our daily lives was mailed to individuals. There was, however, a catch. After exposing the card to water, the message and information became visible.

This example illustrates how engaging direct mail advertising can be when used effectively. The strategy is effective because it effectively conveys the information and captures people’s attention.

2. Outdoor Advertising Design Example

Outdoor advertising is one of the most exciting ways to promote a company or product. It enables you to design advertising that is interactive or reminiscent of a billboard that attracts your attention and provides information as you pass by.

Ikea’s use of a residential building’s facade to advertise the opening of its thirty-first store in France is one of the finest examples of outdoor advertising design. The exterior of the building was furnished and painted to resemble an apartment, while a 9-meter-tall rock climbing wall was constructed. This was a brilliant idea that provided consumers with an exciting experience.

3. Print Advertising Design Example

As with direct mail, it is common for people to view print advertisements as obsolete. This belief is completely false. Designs for print advertising are used for magazines, newspapers, and other places where advertisements can be placed to attract the public’s attention.

To promote their most recent sugar-free lollipops, Chupa Chups created one of the most engaging and entertaining print advertisements ever. It was a clever play on the fact that we already knew the print advertisement depicted ants avoiding candy.

Ants enjoy sweets. This advertisement is effective because it presents information in an original way by emphasizing the image over the text.

4. Social Media Advertising Design Example

Social media advertising is one of the most prevalent strategies for boosting brand and product recognition in the modern era. Businesses can disseminate their message through a variety of social media channels.

The WWF Twitter account has announced that 17 animal emojis will be used in future tweets to promote their campaign and increase awareness. Each interaction with a tweet containing the emojis will result in a ten-cent contribution to the endangered species. The success of this campaign was attributable to WWF’s disclosure of the amount of money individuals contributed to the cause.

5. Video Advertising Design Example

Video advertisements are the most efficient at capturing audience attention and conveying their message. A professionally produced video advertisement informs the audience about the company or product being advertised. Video advertisements have higher production costs, but they are the most popular and influential advertisements, so the investment is worthwhile.

Volvo produced a series of short films depicting spectacular stunts as part of their video advertisement campaign. These films were expertly filmed, and Volvo trucks were used for every stunt. The videos were successful and entertaining due to their excitement.

6. Display Advertising Design Example

Display advertisements are the most common type of advertising, so you should increase your spending on them. Text, image, or video may comprise an advertisement on a display screen. You can post them on multiple applications and websites to reach the vast majority of your target audience. Likewise, display advertisements provide an excellent return on investment.

This Lexus campaign is an excellent example of an engaging display advertisement. People want to learn more about the brand and product because it immediately piques their interest. It is an interactive advertisement that encourages you to click the link for more details. This advertisement is effective because it is cryptic without being unclear.

What is Advertising Design?

Advertising Design Tips

Tell a story: Don’t underestimate the value of an excellent narrative. Just ensure that the reader can visualize your story. 

Always have a CTA: Always, always, always include a call-to-action, unless the objective of your campaign is to build brand recognition. It will instruct your audience on the next steps to take.

Keep is simple: If your advertisement is too complicated, you are likely to confuse your audience. Consider the following design styles if you are in search of inspiration.

Choose concise and impactful copy: In advertising design, the emphasis should be on the design itself. Complement the narrative your graphics are conveying with engaging content.

Benefit from the Christmas season: During major holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, consumers are more receptive to buying and, more importantly, to being sold to. Holiday advertising should always take precedence.

When you produce advertising, you expand your brand. Your advertisement will be viewed by thousands, if not millions, of people, so make sure it conveys the intended message and brand (like Patagonia!). Remember that writing will communicate your story in words, but design will bring it to life.

Excellent commercials are based on excellent design. Therefore, I will conclude with some final thoughts. Consider the following when designing your next advertisement campaign:

  • Be memorable
  • Stay consistent with your brand’s principles
  • Have a distinct message
  • Define objectives and KPIs for your campaign.

Your advertising design and marketing material requirements can be met by Superside. Consider us an extension of your creative team, with turnaround times as quick as 12 to 24 hours. Schedule a call for more information.

What Skills Do You Need to Become an Advertising Designer?

In addition to proficiency in computer graphics and Adobe Photoshop, the ad designer job description requires the following competencies:

An eye for design

It is difficult to comprehend which design elements complement one another, necessitating that ad designers possess an innate talent for design. Ad designers rely on their intuition when creating a design based on the market research they have conducted.

Using their creative abilities, they are able to construct distinctive and effective advertising campaigns that convey the client’s message effectively.


Designers of advertisements must consider both the client’s needs and the social, psychological, and political characteristics of their target audience. They understand how to operate within trends and keep ideas relevant. Ad designers are not merely artists; they must be able to think critically and come up with creative solutions to client problems.

Project management

Effective multitasking is an essential skill for ad designers. A skilled ad designer should be able to balance their time while working on multiple campaigns and meeting multiple deadlines in order to produce high-quality materials on time.


To be a team player, you must have excellent communication skills and be receptive to feedback and criticism. An ad designer is aware of the importance of accuracy for the client’s message and is conscious of the fact that they can only achieve their initial objective of creating a successful campaign by collaborating with their team. Good ad designers collaborate and are receptive to instructions.

How to Become an Advertising Designer

To obtain employment at an advertising agency, you must meet the following requirements:

Get a bachelor’s degree

Although not required by all employers, some do require a degree. A degree in fine arts, marketing, or visual communications can provide a strong foundation for ad design. Attending design school or joining a guild can demonstrate your dedication to the field, thereby increasing your employability.

Gain experience

Find a relevant internship or entry-level position, even if it’s part-time, in order to break into the field. Learn as much as you can and network with as many people as you can to gain creative experience and improve your skills. Ad agencies typically require three years of experience from their designers.

Build a portfolio

Create a portfolio that best demonstrates your creativity in order to demonstrate your design abilities and a variety of sample works. Show your versatility and expertise in areas such as logo design, typography, motion graphics, and web design; anything that demonstrates your aptitude for visual communication.

What is Advertising Design?

Advertising Design and Graphic Design: What are the differences?

Creative Freedom

Graphic designers are able to express their creative nature through their occupation. There are several available design specializations:

  • editorial design
  • illustration
  • identity (logo and branding) design
  • icons and pictograms
  • typography
  • interface graphics and elements
  • big print items such as posters and billboards
  • signs
  • packaging etc.

Advertising design requires a strategic rather than merely artistic approach.

  • Ad designs can be creative, but they must be professional-looking.
  • Must incorporate a product or service advantage.
  • Ad designs are created solely for the purpose of increasing sales.

Different Approach to Research

Using both images and text, graphic designers create visually appealing brand materials. Examples include pamphlets, logos, advertisements, and websites. However, there is a substantial amount of preparation required prior to design.

Allow us to explain the steps in detail, as graphic designers follow a process.

Building Wireframes

Wireframes are a low-fidelity representation of a design. Imagine it like a building’s plan. No one would want to immediately begin a large undertaking. They would first want to see the plan. Similarly to visual designs, you can plan the structure while leaving the colors and other design elements for later.

Creating Comprehensive Layout

This is also known as comp within the design community. Here, the page layout is provided to decision-makers. Consider this the final draft of your actual layout. When you have this on hand, it is simpler to make modifications, which facilitates the next step. You may include additional creative ideas here.

Developing Prototype

And finally, you can now create a prototype to test your design ideas and determine their marketability. You can easily improve the design based on these suggestions and comments from specialists.

It is advised that all design processes be completed without exception. For some, this may be a waste of time. But if the project has a solid structure and ‘blueprint,’ it is simpler to make changes.

Before beginning a project, advertisement design takes several factors into consideration. This includes the following:

  • market research and positioning
  • value proposition
  • project scope
  • consumer research

Difference in Priority

Graphic design contributes significantly to marketing and frequently aids in converting leads into customers.

  • Enhances business values
  • Provides businesses with a personality that helps them connect with consumers.
  • Attracts a large audience via aesthetics
  • Develop designs for an activation plug
  • Advertisements are used to communicate with people about their product or service.
  • Advertising will increasingly rely on television, radio, and other media, including copywriting.

Difference in Style

Utilizing a variety of design elements, graphic designers create aesthetically pleasing work. Therefore, they only care about the visual representation of a company’s core values.

  • Typography is emphasized in graphic design. Therefore, they can differentiate between:
  • Sans Serif and Serif
  • They are meticulous in their attention to letter spacing and line height ratio
  • Graphic artists generate contrast by: Color, value/tone, size/shape, and orientation

Advertising is designed with a more direct sales approach in mind. Consequently, their style will be simpler than graphic design.

  • The emphasis is on the message, not the design. The focus is on a compelling headline
  • An advertisement will have a bolded offer behind everything else.
  • Advertising design could incorporate a more conventional marketing strategy and application: Posters, billboards, and print advertisements

Which Role is More Challenging?

There is no available standard response. Each job presents its own unique problems. This depends on their area of expertise and the desired design outcome. For example, it is more difficult to require a graphic designer to produce products that can be sold. Similarly, an advertising designer may need time to develop brand guidelines.

What is Advertising Design?

However, when a detailed brief is provided, the job of an advertisement designer is typically made easier. Typically, they will receive a comprehensive project brief. Different rules apply to graphic designers, whose guidelines are more vague. To develop distinguishing brand design characteristics, they will have to think more creatively.

Can Advertising and Graphic Designers Work Together?

Despite their distinct areas of expertise, advertising and graphic designers can work together. In reality, with effective coordination they are capable of producing marketing images that can catapult the expansion of your organization. Here’s how.

When an advertising designer presents creative concepts to a client, the client will choose their favorite designs. At this point, graphics are required, so graphic designers enter the picture. All of these graphic assets will then be incorporated into a brand guide for client approval.

Can a Designer be Both Good with Advertising and Graphic Design?

This is not impossible, but it is challenging to accomplish. It is not easy to comprehend both graphic and advertising design concepts. Yes, the principles may be universal, but it takes years of practice and skill to become an accomplished advertising and graphic designer.

Before selecting one, you must determine your organization’s objectives. Specify the job requirements in order to find qualified candidates for your project.


Advertising design is a field for graphic designers who seek employment in the advertising industry. Whether for print advertising or digital marketing, advertising agencies utilize the skills of graphic artists to create projects that adhere to brand identity and reach the intended audience for a campaign.


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