What is an Assistant Coordinator? Duties, Skill, 11 Facts

An Assistant Coordinator is one who provides administrative and logistical support for a meeting or event, including planning, booking, and executing all logistics for the event. Click on each section below to read more information related to it. 

What is an Assistant Coordinator?

A person who works immediately under a head coordinator, manager, or supervisor to arrange corporate events or initiatives is an assistant coordinator.

Typically, he will play an active role in the planning process, collaborating directly with other team members, vendors, and subcontractors as required. In certain instances, many assistant coordinators will operate concurrently to ensure the proper execution of plans and strategies.

What is an Assistant Coordinator?

The assistant coordinator of a company reports to the supervisor to ensure that event planning is carried out effectively. Throughout the organization process, it is essential to collaborate with other coworkers, suppliers, or outside sources.

Assistant Coordinator Job Duties

Typical responsibilities of an assistant coordinator consist of the following:

  • Coordinating activities with other office employees, volunteers, and people of the community
  • Keeping track of all incoming and outgoing phone calls, emails, and other forms of contact
  • Coordination of volunteers from diverse groups with the need of particular programs
  • Organizing meetings and events for the department head or manager
  • Contributing to the creation of organizational and departmental policies and procedures
  • Maintaining an inventory of department-required office supplies, equipment, and materials
  • Processing supply and equipment order requests
  • Coordination with contractors for event and activity planning and execution.
  • Maintaining and updating meeting calendars, agendas, and contact lists

Assistant Coordinator Salary & Outlook

The pay of assistant coordinators vary depending on their degree of education, years of experience, the company’s size and industry, and their level of education. In addition, they may receive bonuses as supplementary remuneration.

  • The average annual salary is $47,000 ($22.60/hour).
  • Top 10 percent Annual Wage: $84,500 ($40.63 per hour)

Over the next ten years, the employment of assistant coordinators is projected to fall.

In the previous decade, administrative assistant employment growth has been slower than usual. However, software and automation have enabled fewer administrative assistants to accomplish more. Employers may hire fewer administrative assistants in the future as a result.

Assistant Coordinator Job Requirements

The following are some of the typical prerequisites for becoming an assistant coordinator:


Assistant coordinators must normally possess a minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Some employers like hiring assistant coordinators who have completed college-level coursework. A bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a comparable subject may provide an assistant coordinator an advantage over other candidates.

What is an Assistant Coordinator?

Training & Experience

After being hired, assistant coordinators often undergo on-the-job training from their new workplace. This training may involve instruction on the company’s policies and processes, as well as its software and technology.

Certifications & Licenses

Although certifications are not required to qualify for the majority of assistant coordinator roles, they can be beneficial in helping you apply for a position, demonstrating that you have the abilities necessary to succeed in the role, and advancing your career.

Assistance Coordinator Responsibilities

Here are samples of responsibilities from actual resumes for the position of support coordinator, illustrating the kind of duties they are likely to accomplish.

  • Develop and administer a web-based database of client contact information; generate reports of certain industries for use in marketing efforts.
  • Teach CPR to coworkers and community members.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation for the board meeting summarizing historical, current, and proposed future financial reports.
  • Prepare PowerPoint presentation materials.
  • Maintain the privacy of minors and comply with HIPAA privacy regulations.
  • Assist individuals with medication-related Medicaid and Medicare difficulties.
  • Provide financial guidance to prospective students and manage enterprise-wide payroll for the work-study program.
  • Assist claimants with telephone interpretation when language hurdles prevent them from communicating with abroad medical personnel.
  • By attending board meetings and coordinating interdepartmental functions, maintain strong communication between department heads and care workers.
  • Work closely with the Medicaid coordinator to conduct a preliminary financial screening and to collect all supporting documentation.
  • Maintain therapist contracts and collect all payroll information submitted by therapists, then submit the data to the administration and payroll offices.
  • Coordination of a long-term project to collect and centralize the vital medical information and emergency documents of independent living residents.
  • Participate in department-wide proposal database implementation.

Assistant Coordinator Skills

To be successful, assistant coordinators require the following abilities:

What is an Assistant Coordinator?


As an assistant coordinator, you may be responsible for communicating with students, instructors, parents, and other staff members, among others.

To be a good assistant coordinator, it is essential to possess strong communication skills. This may involve employing a range of communication channels, including email, phone calls, and in-person meetings.


As assistant coordinators are frequently required to manage numerous duties simultaneously, organizational skills can help you balance your workload and maintain a schedule. Additionally, you can use your organizing abilities to keep track of essential documents, files, and other resources.

Time management

Time management is an additional ability that assistant coordinators must possess. You may be responsible for organizing meetings, events, and other activities, thus it is essential that you have efficient time management skills.

You may also be responsible for maintaining the calendar of the individual you are aiding; therefore, you must be able to efficiently manage your time to avoid double-booking or overbooking appointments.


Assistant coordinators frequently collaborate with other team members to address issues. They can apply their problem-solving talents to challenges that arise during meetings, events, and other work-related activities. Problem-solving-capable assistant coordinators can help their teams save time and resources.


Assistant coordinators frequently collaborate with a team of other assistants; therefore, possessing strong leadership abilities can help you succeed in this role. You can utilize your leadership abilities to motivate your team, allocate duties, and promote professional growth.

Assistant Coordinator Work Environment

The work environment for an assistant coordinator is usually an office setting, although some travel may be required for meetings or events. The job is generally performed during regular business hours, although some overtime may be necessary to meet deadlines or attend evening or weekend events.

The job can be stressful at times, especially when coordinating multiple events at the same time, but most assistant coordinators find the work to be rewarding and enjoy the challenges that it presents.

Assistant Coordinator Trends

Here are three trends that have an impact on the job of assistant coordinators. To keep their skills current and maintain a competitive edge in the industry, assistant coordinators will need to remain up-to-date on these advancements.

The Need for More Technical Skills

As organizations become more technically advanced, the necessity for assistants with greater technical expertise grows.

What is an Assistant Coordinator?

Assistant coordinators might profit on this trend by familiarizing themselves with common company software applications and technology. This will enable them to better support their superiors and assist them in completing job more effectively.

The Emergence of the Virtual Assistant

In recent years, the emergence of virtual assistants has gained momentum. As technology progresses, it becomes simpler for firms to outsource duties to remote employees who can provide the same level of service as an in-house assistant.

Professionals who specialize in providing administrative support to organizations remotely are known as virtual assistants. They provide services including calendar management, email management, and research frequently.

More Focus on Customer Service

As the importance of customer service rises in today’s market, administrative assistants will need to focus on acquiring abilities in this area.

Assistants can take advantage of this trend by learning how to engage with consumers and comprehend their demands. They can also learn how to manage client feedback and effectively resolve concerns.

In addition, assistants can build relationships with consumers and earn their trust, which can lead to the formation of long-term partnerships.

How to Become an Assistant Coordinator

Assisting as a coordinator might be an excellent approach to break into the professional sector. As an assistant coordinator, you will have the chance to learn about other industries and companies, meet new people, and strengthen your communication, organizing, and problem-solving abilities.

If you wish to further your career in business administration, you should also consider expanding into other fields. It is essential to pick a path that matches your interests and abilities, as there are numerous options.

Advancement Prospects

The position that comes after an assistant coordinator is coordinator. A coordinator is accountable for a team of assistants and is responsible for managing the schedule and tasks. A coordinator may also train new helpers.

Managers are the level above coordinators. A manager is accountable for a coordinator-led department or team. A manager may also be charged with training new coordinators and managers.

Assistant Coordinator Resume Examples

Assistant Coordinators offer administrative and operational assistance to senior coordinators. Examples of resumes for the position of Assistant Coordinator emphasize responsibilities such as creating reports, tracking project expenses, coordinating project teams, scheduling meetings, and performing data entry labor.

What is an Assistant Coordinator?

According to our database of resumes for the position of Assistant Coordinator, the most important qualifications include organizational abilities, the ability to work independently, problem-solving, decision-making, coordination, and computer skills. The majority of Assistant Coordinators hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a closely related profession.

Community Assistant Coordinator

Community Assistant Coordinators (CACs) help Desk Supervisors in monitoring the service desk operations of University Housing. In addition, CACs supervise and guide Community Assistants to enhance outstanding customer service for residents, guests, and University Housing personnel.

Employment Eligibility and Qualifications

For a student to be eligible and qualified for the role of Community Assistant Coordinator, he or she must complete the following requirements:

  • Credit Hours: Must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 undergraduate credit hours or 9 graduate credit hours, but no more than 18 credit hours for the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Grade Point Average: A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.80 at the time of appointment, and a minimum semester grade point average of 2.80 once employed.
  • Disciplinary Charges or Sanctions at the University: Students are ineligible for the post of Community Assistant Coordinator if, at the time of the employment offer, the beginning of employment, or during employment, they:
  • Is on Academic Integrity Probation for less than one full Fall or Spring semester for academic misconduct under the Code of Student Conduct; or, Has active sanctions for non-academic misconduct under the Code of Student Conduct.
  • Request for Housing and Agreement: Accepting the Housing Agreement is part of the Housing Application process.


Based on the roles and responsibilities of the post, CACs receive a stipend, technology, and a credit for their housing costs. The compensation breakdown includes the following:

What is an Assistant Coordinator?

Amount / Value  Note
Stipend  $2,500 The total stipend is taxable income paid biweekly.
Value of technology $372 Throughout their employment, Community Assistant Coordinators have access to ResNet/Internet and Streaming/Cable TV. For the Fall semester, the value of technology is $186 ($140 for ResNet/Internet and $46 for Streaming/Cable TV) and for the Spring semester, the value is $186 ($140 for ResNet/Internet and $46 for Streaming/Cable TV).
Value of housing $6,600 Community Assistant Coordinators are allotted a Service Desk room within the community. Fall housing costs $3,300 and spring housing costs $3,300.

Community Assistant Coordinators assigned to traditional, hotel-style, or suite residence halls have the option of choosing a roommate or having one assigned. The Community Assistant Coordinator will have their own bedroom and allocated apartmentmates if they are assigned to ES King Village, Wolf Ridge, or Wolf Village.

Community Assistant Coordinators allocated to traditional, motel-style, or suite-style resident halls have the option of selecting or being assigned a roommate.

Note: The position’s compensation and resources are dependent on the official employment start date specified in the Terms and Conditions of employment. Individuals who begin employment after the official start date or leave employment before the official termination date are entitled to a prorated portion of their income and resources.


A coordinator assistant provides operational and clerical support to the senior coordinators. The roles and responsibilities of assistant coordinators include communicating with employers or clients, delegating work to team members, collaborating with financial departments, and allocating funds.

This position requires skills in procurement management, problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal relations. Additionally, they should possess skills in paperwork management, bookkeeping, organization, and negotiation.


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