What is Job Management? 10+ Facts You Need To Know

Typically, as a new company, completing the current task is your top priority, while process optimization falls to a secondary position.

This blog post introduces the concept of project management, provides a framework for how your organization might view the entire project lifecycle, and begins to discuss applicable procedures and technologies. 

In addition, we provide an overview of the numerous types of job management so that you can investigate the options that best meet your requirements. 

What is Job Management?

In the business world, job management is also referred to as job schedule management and is typically performed by a human resources professional. Depending on the type of business and number of employees, the duties of a project manager may vary.

A job management employee is responsible for managing the labor schedule and is frequently tasked with ensuring that work is structured to facilitate the efficient and secure completion of a project. A job is typically a client-requested contracted assignment.

What is Job Management?

In the workplace, task management can also refer to a printer feature that allows the user to queue multiple print jobs.

How Management Jobs Work

Examining the day-to-day duties of employees is the simplest method for distinguishing management from non-management positions. As a general rule, management jobs involve delegating work to others rather than performing it yourself.

For instance, a plant’s production manager does not operate one of the machines, despite being superior in this regard to some of the machine operators. A manager of software development is able to write lines of code, but does not. This is because of their managerial positions.

Consider a team leader, a senior programmer, or a welder of lead iron. These positions are all prosperous within their respective fields, but they are not managerial. On occasion, they may supervise others, but otherwise they perform the same duties as the rest of their group.

How to Get Management Jobs

Typically, in order to obtain a position in management, candidates must possess two essential characteristics. Typically, you must have a comprehensive understanding of the work performed by the team you will lead before assuming a leadership position. More importantly, you must demonstrate the ability to manage and inspire others.

It may be difficult to develop this second skill set when you are not in a managerial position. You must learn to think like a manager prior to being promoted to that position.

This is the eternal conundrum. As with the vast majority of professions, no one will hire you for your first management position until you have experience, but you cannot gain experience if no one will hire you for your first job.

However, you can focus on improving your interpersonal skills, learning about management, and performing well on the job. If you persist in these endeavors and demonstrate leadership initiative, you will likely be considered for a management position.

Similarly to an entry-level management position, you can qualify for a higher-level management position by demonstrating your ability to manage your current position. Your primary objective should therefore be to thrive in your current position.

Moreover, you must be aware that as your level of responsibility increases, so does the competition for management positions. In a large corporation, for example, there may be multiple first-line managers, but only one manager is accountable for all employees: the CEO. To stand out, you must place a greater emphasis on your professional and career development.

As you pursue a career in management, it is crucial that you learn how to assist others in achieving professional success. Frequently, the most effective managers are those who place a premium on promoting the advancement of others and who are always willing to learn from others.

The Stages Of Job Management

Job management can be broken down into a series of very standard steps. These stages consist of:

  • Customer/Lead Management
  • Quote/Estimate Management
  • Task Management Scheduling
  • Timesheet Management
  • Document Management
  • Cost Management
  • Work Administration Billing and Reporting

These stages are typically depicted as a circle, with stage one flowing into stage two, which flows into stage three, etc. It is essential to note, however, that one step does not necessarily depend on the completion of the previous one.

For instance, if your team completes the quote/estimate phase and the client gives the go-ahead, managers can conduct task management, scheduling, and document management simultaneously.

Some team members may even return to stage one (lead/customer management) as others progress. What works for your company is the only factor that matters. Additionally, it is essential to recognize that no two businesses are identical. Consequently, no two companies have the same job management cycle.

What is Job Management?

For instance, company A may rely more heavily on a specific quote at the outset of a project, whereas company B may rely on a more general estimate. A may omit one or two phases on a larger scale, whereas B employs all ten.

The objective is to examine your business, determine the effective steps, and adapt the procedure so that your team can apply it to every assignment, regardless of its size, nature, or complexity.

What Businesses Use Job Management?

Implementing a job management cycle is beneficial for any organization that works on multiple projects or from one job to the next.

Examples of such businesses include:

  • IT services
  • Creative agencies
  • Design agencies
  • Accounting and bookkeeping firms
  • Consultants
  • Engineering firms
  • Construction services

Even businesses such as landscaping, wedding planning, painting, and event management may benefit from incorporating job management into their workflow.

Even if your business was not previously mentioned, it may still profit. Unknowingly, you may already have an informal employment management cycle in place.

You can improve the performance of your team by analyzing the workflow, formalizing it, and establishing rules and procedures to ensure process-wide consistency.

Management Job and Education Requirements

The educational requirements for management positions and promotions vary depending on the level of leadership. There are intermediate managers and supervisors, for example, for which a bachelor’s degree is not required.

However, they must possess substantial technical skills, which may be accompanied by occupational certifications or licenses.


The majority of executives (top-level managers) possess both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in their respective fields.

Middle Managers

To execute the plan established by upper management, middle management must be adept at problem-solving (executives). Middle management personnel may oversee an entire department or a large team within a department.

It is expected that the majority of middle managers hold a bachelor’s degree. However, if you have advanced within the organization without a bachelor’s degree, they may be willing to fund your college education.

Direct Supervisors

Direct supervisors supervise employees. They are responsible for ensuring that work is completed on time and correctly. In addition, they inform middle management of any issues and serve as a role model for other employees. Do you want individuals to arrive punctually? A supervisor (especially one who is always punctual) could potentially make a difference.

Supervisors may be required to hold a bachelor’s degree less frequently. Without one, however, they may have difficulty being promoted to middle management.

Management Job Titles

Virtually every industry requires managers. Here are the median salaries and job descriptions for several of the most popular and in-demand managers in the United States.

1. Administrative Services Manager

Managers of administrative services plan and coordinate services for the company, such as coordinating meetings, distributing mail, and maintaining the office. They manage the facility’s maintenance and daily office needs.

Salary: The median administrative services manager salary is $96,180.

Other job titles applicable to this position include:

  • Office Manager
  • Administrative Director
  • Facilities Manager
  • Administrative Officer
  • Business Manager
  • Business Administrator

2. Computer Information Systems Manager

Managers of administrative services organize and coordinate services for the organization, such as meeting coordination, mail distribution, and office maintenance. They supervise the facility’s upkeep and daily office requirements.

The annual average salary of an administrative services manager is $96,180.

Other job titles pertinent to this position include:

  • IT Manager
  • IT Director
  • Project Manager
  • Application Development Director
  • Technical Services Manager
  • Computing Services Director
  • MIS Director
  • IS Director
  • IS Manager
  • IS Supervisor

3. Construction Manager

Construction managers are responsible for supervising construction and trade-related projects. They may be responsible for project conception, structural development, construction, restoration, and renovations.

What is Job Management?

It is not unusual to find construction managers constructing houses in a new subdivision, breaking ground on city skyscrapers, restoring historically significant structures, or maintaining roads.

Salary:The median construction manager salary is $93,370.

Other job titles pertinent to this position include:

  • Project Manager
  • Foreman
  • Construction Area Manager
  • Project Superintendent
  • General Contractor Manager
  • Project Executive

4. Food Services Manager

In the hospitality industry, food service managers oversee the daily operations of hotels and restaurants. They ensure that there is sufficient inventory for meals, enough staff to manage busy periods, and that customers are satisfied with the cuisine and service.

Salary: The average compensation for a food services manager is $54,240.

Other job titles pertinent to this position include:

  • Banquet Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • General Manager
  • Catering Manager
  • Food & Beverage Director
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Food Service Manager
  • Food Service Director
  • Food Service Supervisor

5. Medical & Health Services Manager

Managers of medical services (such as those in a doctor’s office) oversee daily operations including scheduling, office expenses, doctor availability, and medical benefits. Managers must comprehend and anticipate medical regulations and legislation that affect access to healthcare.

Salary:The average salary for a manager of medical and health services is $99,730.

Other job titles pertinent to this position include:

  • Program Manager
  • Clinical Director
  • Practice Administrator
  • Health Information Management Director
  • Nursing Director
  • Nursing Manager
  • Health Manager

6. Marketing Manager

Managers of advertising and marketing create and supervise the execution of new campaigns. The manager is accountable for every aspect of the campaign’s performance, from overseeing the creative teams to coordinating with vendors to distribute advertising.

Salary:The median marketing manager salary is $132,620.

Other job titles pertinent to this position include:

  • Advertising Manager
  • Promotions Manager
  • Account Supervisor
  • Product Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Business Development Manager
  • Commercial Lines Manager
  • Content Marketing Director
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Director of Inbound Marketing
  • Director of Public Relations
  • Communications Director

7. Sales Manager

Sales managers frequently collaborate with marketing managers in order to meet potential customers and encourage them to purchase a company’s products or services. They supervise a team of telemarketers or conduct direct sales in a specific region of the country.

In addition to a base salary, they are often compensated based on the number of products/services they and their team sell.

Salary: The median sales manager salary is $124,220.

Other job titles pertinent to this position include:

  • Store Manager
  • District Sales Manager
  • Sales Supervisor
  • Sales Director

8. Training & Development Manager

Managers of training and development often work within the human resources department and are responsible for employee onboarding, talent acquisition, and talent development. The organization relies on these managers to keep the workforce current with the latest software and best industry practices.

What is Job Management?

Salary:The average compensation for a training and development manager is $111,340 per year.

Other job titles pertinent to this position include:

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Development Manager
  • Training Manager
  • Education & Development Manager
  • Learning Manager

9. Executive

Executive positions are the most important positions of leadership within a company. They are the highest-ranking and best-compensated decision-makers. Executives typically report to the firm owner, shareholders, or (if they are the sole firm owner/shareholder) to themselves.

Salary:The median executive salary is $104,980, with the top 25 percent earning over $200,000 annually.

Other job titles pertinent to this position include:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Chief People Officer (CPO)
  • Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)
  • Vice President
  • President
  • Senior Vice President

Job Management Methodologies

Zoom out and away from the ten stages outlined above, and you will encounter what are known as project management approaches. These approaches provide structure to the cycle of activities that begins when your organization is awarded a project.

These are some of the most widely used accessible methods.

1) Six Sigma

In 1986, Motorola engineers introduced Six Sigma as a method for improving process quality by reducing the number of errors.

Six Sigma achieves this via:

  • Determining what does not work
  • Eliminating the unsuccessful portions of the procedure.

While Six Sigma may be best suited for larger businesses seeking to improve quality and efficiency, small and medium-sized businesses have much to gain as well.


The Project Management Institute (PMI) produces the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK), a set of standards that defines project management in general.

The PMBOK outlines five procedures that are nearly universal to all projects, including:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Closing
  • Monitoring/Controlling
  • Executing

The PMBOK provides a collection of best practices, standards, and methodologies that can be used to select a project management methodology. Therefore, we recommend that you become familiar with this meta technique, as it may help you determine the most effective strategy for your team.

3) Agile

Agile is likely one of the most well-known project management methodologies currently available. It consists of four fundamental values and twelve key principles that govern all project, team, and business activities.

These elements include:


  • Individuals and interactions before processes and instruments
  • Functional product above extensive documentation
  • Collaboration with customers around contract Negotiations
  • Responding to change rather than adhering to a plan


Customer satisfaction through prompt and uninterrupted delivery of products

  • Allow for evolving needs during the development process.
  • Frequent shipment of functioning product
  • Throughout the project, collaboration between business stakeholders and developers.
  • Support, trust, and inspire the individuals
  • Facilitate direct contacts
  • The fundamental indicator of Agile development progress is the existence of functional software.
  • A focus on design and technical detail promotes agility.
  • Simplicity

Agile project management is ideally suited for projects with a high level of complexity and unpredictability, as well as those that require exceptional adaptability for success.

4) Kanban

Kanban emphasizes maintaining autonomous and collaborative teams. It employs the following key concepts to produce high-quality results:

  • Visualization
  • Limiting in-progress work
  • Stream management
  • Making clear policies
  • The use of feedback loops
  • Evolution via collaborative or experimental means

5) Lean

Maximizing customer value while minimizing waste is at the heart of the Lean methodology. This ideal often takes the form of utilizing fewer resources, as evidenced by the fact that when waste is eliminated, quality improves and production time and costs are reduced.

Lean aims to reduce waste in the following areas:

  • Transport
  • Inventory
  • Motion
  • Waiting
  • Overproduction
  • Over-processing
  • Defects
  • Scheduling and operation
  • Workflow

It is a useful project management strategy for organizations seeking to simplify a complex project and improve business operations.

What is Job Management?

Kanban is a highly visual strategy that employs whiteboards, cards, and “swimlanes” (horizontal categorization). It is ideal for smaller teams that require a flexible strategy for developing and delivering an innovative product or service.

6) XP

The software industry developed the XP (eXtreme Programming) work management methodology to increase quality and ensure responsiveness to changing client requirements.

The fundamental principles of the XP philosophy are:

  • Simplicity
  • Communication
  • Feedback
  • Respect
  • Courage

These include test-driven development (TDD), continuous integration, and pair programming methods and regulations (two person teams).

5 Ways Job Management Improves Business Efficiency and Productivity

Numerous businesses are in a constant state of emergency response and disregard work administration. Due to time constraints and external pressure, they are compelled to employ ad hoc methods to complete the task at hand.

The majority of the time, businesses place process improvement on the back burner in favor of the current task. They continue to rely on obsolete tools such as email and spreadsheets, manual data entry, and platform-to-platform copy and paste.

These manual and ad hoc processes lead to lost time, errors, and a lack of visibility. In the short term, some businesses may be able to get away with such inefficiency. However, beyond a certain point, it inhibits the scalability and competitiveness of the business.

When employees are continuously required to work hard in a stressful environment, they become irritated. When customers observe a decline in performance and service quality, they become frustrated. Businesses should invest time and effort in streamlining and optimizing operations to ensure their long-term viability.

Organizations with a focus on the future use job management. They use job management software to methodically and automatically complete all work cycle tasks.

1. Job management approach

Job management is a systematic approach to work. Using technology to optimize workflow and complete tasks in the most efficient manner.

The primary purpose of task management is to improve business operations. The focus is on enhancing each phase of the work cycle’s activities to increase the process’s efficacy and precision.

As opposed to being a collection of independent jobs, each phase of the work cycle is integrated into a unified system. Work management software, for instance, repurposes data from one action to improve the next. The program collects and sorts task requests according to their relative importance.

The project management approach goes beyond specifying the start and end dates for each delivery. It specifies the objectives for each work, taking into account the numerous facets of a job.

The software for managing work analyzes transactional and associated data to prioritize tasks and improve overall performance. It takes into account predetermined success metrics to establish and improve work procedures.

However, there is no standard ritualized method for managing tasks. Every organization is unique, as is every work management cycle.

2. Client management

Without client management and a mechanism for responding to consumer demands, no business can survive. The essential characteristics of any project management software include:

  • Quote and estimates: The first substantial step in the sales process is providing estimates and quotes. Customer satisfaction and internal efficiency depend on how a company prepares a quote, offers to modify estimates, and converts an approved quote or estimate into a work. The most recent project management software offers dynamic estimates, in which the amount listed in an estimate automatically changes when a client modifies one variable.
  • Budget tracking: Additionally, the project management software monitors the budget to ensure that it corresponds to the estimated or quoted cost. A company can waste money due to cost overruns by submitting a bid that could signal its demise.

The employment cycle differs from organization to organization. Some businesses rely on estimates, while others rely solely on price quotes.

3. Scheduling and dispatching

Vacant position management is difficult and a significant source of errors and inefficiency. Coordination of personnel scheduling, dispatching, and management is time-consuming.

Possibilities that increase the complexity include customers modifying their demands, field agents calling in sick, work not being completed on schedule, and the need for rework. It depletes the dispatching team’s energy, which could be better spent on other crucial tasks.

The most recent job management software employs algorithms that have been trained on the organization’s policies regarding the assignment of jobs, the automation of workflows, and the streamlining of procedures.

A sophisticated personnel administration system:

  • Assigns the agent with the highest qualifications to an open work order.
  • Integrates the HRIS process to authorize employee departures only when appropriate employee availability exists.
  • Tracks open orders and grants the dispatcher complete visibility into field operations.

A field service company’s success is dependent on optimal scheduling. The spin-off benefit is the capacity to detect excess capacity and commit to the creation of additional jobs.

4. Workflow management

Workflow management is the primary function of job management software.
Intelligent work management software is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Provides templates for managing tasks, quotes, and reports to field agents and other personnel. Agents in the field and back-office personnel are spared time by intuitive features such as the capacity to generate duplicate assignments automatically.
  • Ensures the continuous flow of information. The program sends automatic alerts and reminders to employees, keeping them informed of their assigned duties. It informs employees, managers, and other team members about the status and evolution of open positions.
  • The production and distribution of documents are simplified.
  • Makes timesheet management more dynamic. Monitoring employee productivity requires accurate time tracking and evaluation of employee timesheet data.
  • Provides inspection forms and checklists to expedite processing and monitor job completion. Project management software’s inspection management feature improves quality and compliance inspections.

The optimal workflow tailors business operations. Expecting the organization to conform to the pre-programmed procedure of the task management software is a recipe for disaster.

5. Back office support

Integration of supporting operations such as billing, inventory management, and accounting is essential for a business’s success.
And this is precisely what a high-quality work management software accomplishes:

  • Ensures that all tasks are billed, leaving nothing unaccounted for. The program describes the steps for generating invoices and collecting payments from customers.
  • Facilitates purchase order tracking, cost allocation to projects, and accounting system synchronization. The seamless synchronization of accounting and CRM data maximizes resource utilization.
  • Offers dynamic reporting capabilities. Effective work management software provides insights into efficiency, profitability, and output. The most and least lucrative clients, measures of productivity, budget analyses, and other insights are detailed in dynamic reports. The increased transparency and free flow of information, which encourages teamwork, is a secondary benefit.

Manually orchestrating a flawless work cycle using first-generation legacy computing technologies is challenging. The appropriate work management software simplifies the task and generates substantial productivity and client satisfaction gains.

Stages of the job management cycle

Your work cycle consists of the activities you perform to manage jobs. Job management requires firms to view the work cycle as a continuous system rather than a collection of discrete jobs in order to increase efficiency across stages.

Due to the fact that each company is unique, each employee’s employment cycle will vary slightly (some organizations may rely more on estimates, while others may just utilize price quotations).

In addition, if your business is very young, you may not have adopted certain aspects of the work cycle, such as employee time tracking or performance reporting. However, the majority of professional services organizations follow a standard set of procedures to manage projects.

What is Job Management?

It is essential to note that these stages do not have to occur in sequential order, and several can occur simultaneously. In addition, data collected at one step is frequently necessary for the next step in the cycle (for example, timesheet management and work-in-progress management).

What is job management software?

Employment management software refers to the suite of available platforms and solutions designed to provide organizations with the ability to manage some or all phases of their job cycle (as discussed above).

Key benefits of cloud-based job management software

Job management software is becoming an integral component of the professional services industry’s technological stack; its numerous benefits include the following.

  • streamlined procedures and enhanced operational effectiveness
  • Accurate and real-time data capture
  • Unbroken data flow throughout the whole task cycle
  • All elements of your professions require critical business understanding.
  • Simple interaction between team members
  • Various kinds of employment management software

There are numerous types of project management software; the solution you choose will depend on your team’s particular needs and budget. Defining your work cycle can help you gain a better understanding of your organization’s demands and job management needs.

Given the vast (and potentially bewildering) app landscape, we’ve analyzed the most popular work management solutions and categorized them into five key categories to assist you in understanding your options and selecting the appropriate type of solution:

Micro & accounting-bundled: Some accounting applications (such as Xero) include basic project management features. These solutions are a great way for small businesses to get started (they are frequently suitable for five employees or fewer), but as the business grows, they offer limited flexibility.

In this category are the Xero Projects, MYOB Track Jobs, and QuickBooks Online Job Costing products.

Workflow specialists: Solutions in this category emphasize a specific workflow that is difficult to adapt to a variety of work styles; consequently, they are only suitable for a limited number of business types. Certain technologies, such as geo-tracking, on-site invoicing and payments, and electronic signature capture, are required for field service personnel to operate their businesses.

GeoOp, Fergus, Servicem8, and Tradify are products in this category (all for trades and field service businesses)

Functionality specialists: These solutions focus on one or a few phases of the project management cycle (for example, quoting, task management, or time tracking). Despite their exceptional capabilities in their respective fields, organizations must integrate multiple products to cover the entire employment life cycle.

This category includes the products Trello (task management), Quotient (price quotes), and Monday.com (team and project management)

Industry specialists: Some work management solutions are adapted to the needs of a specific industry. Typically, these solutions span the entire project lifecycle and incorporate additional industry-specific features (such as client conflict of interest search for law practices).

Large, well-established businesses with extremely specific requirements are more likely to choose industry-specific solutions due to their higher price.

In this category are the following products: Actionstep (law), BQE ArchiOffice (architecture), and SimPRO (construction)

Generalist job management systems: End-to-end job management systems provide capabilities for the entire task lifecycle and are flexible and adaptable across numerous industries. The challenge is to choose a solution that strikes the right balance between requirements and budget.

In this category: WorkflowMax, Harvest, Scoro, and Mavenlink


The job management system is the employee’s primary resource for discovering new opportunities for career advancement and tracking their achievements.

It is an indispensable tool that has helped numerous businesses grow and improve their operations. However, its effectiveness depends on proper application.


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