What Is Pettable? Pros & Cons, Explannation, 20+ Facts

According to its website, Certapet is the “#1 Emotional Support Letter Service.” CertaPet’s service is similar to Pettable’s in that it links clients with medical specialists who give a mental health diagnosis, an emotional support animal referral, and a compliant ESA Letter.

What Is Pettable?

Pettable is a website that links clients with caring mental health doctors for consultations on Emotional Support Animals. When you use the service, it is straightforward to schedule an evaluation with a therapist or trained mental health expert (LMHP).

If you meet the requirements for an Emotional Support Animal, the LMHP may give you a real ESA Letter in line with federal regulations such as HIPAA, the Fair Housing Act (FHA), and the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA).

How Does Pettable Work?

Pettable makes it easy for clients to get an ESA Letter by linking them with authorized healthcare specialists. Follow these three steps to get an Emotional Support Animal document from Pettable:

  • Start by taking a pre-assessment quiz. This quiz is around three minutes long and comprises simple questions on mental health.
  • If the quiz results indicate that you could be eligible for an Emotional Support Animal, go to the payment page and choose your Letter package. Pettable will send you an email with documentation to sign when you make a payment.
  • After you’ve completed all of the necessary paperwork, you may schedule a consultation with your assigned medical expert. They will evaluate you to see if an emotional support dog or cat may be useful as part of your mental illness treatment plan. If this is the case, your therapist or certified mental health professional will draft formal ESA documentation with all of the required information and signatures.

How Much Does Pettable Cost?

Pettable offers three types of ESA Letters: a housing letter, an airline travel letter, and a package that includes both letters. Individual letters cost $149. The housing and travel letter bundle is available for $199 if you need both papers.

Is Pettable Legit?

Yes. Pettable is a legitimate online ESA letter service. It has all of the hallmarks of a trustworthy company, including a money-back guarantee and ongoing customer assistance. The business assures that their ESA documents comply with all state and federal standards, as well as those related to HIPAA, FHA, and ACAA legislation.

Does Pettable Offer a Psychiatric Service Dog Letter?

The difference between a psychiatric service dog letter and an emotional support animal letter is that a PSD requires specific training, whilst an ESA does not. A PSD assists those who are experiencing mental health issues or learning problems. A PSD may help a person cope with unpleasant feelings, reduce anxiety and stress, and function as a friend for someone suffering from severe mental health conditions.

Pettable enables customers to consult with a competent mental health professional on the need for a PSD letter. Pettable can connect you with a trained mental health professional who can evaluate whether having a PSD as a furry companion might help you. If a doctor feels it necessary, Pettable may give you with an actual doctor’s certificate that guarantees your satisfaction.

Pettable Pros

Here are some of Pettable’s best qualities:

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Expert customer service professionals who understand ESA Letter needs
  • Pre-qualification questionnaire requiring no sensitive personal information
  • Both the consultation and the paper are guaranteed to be completely satisfactory.

Pettable has certainly worked hard to create a user-friendly website that guides clients through each step of the ESA Letter application process.

Pettable Cons

Pettable has a few disadvantages:

  • You must provide an email address and a phone number during the prescreening questionnaire.
  • Pricing information is not immediately available; you must first complete the first questionnaire.
  • Before booking a consultation, full payment is necessary.
  • You will very certainly get multiple marketing emails.

Despite these flaws, Pettable remains a genuine and valuable enterprise.

What Is US Service Animals?

ESA Letters are also available online via US Service Animals. However, the website offers extra services in addition to Emotional Support Animal paperwork. It advertises itself as “The Official US Service Animal & Support Animal (ESA) Registry,” and it enables customers to “register” an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) or service dog.

In several places on its website, US Service Animals says that it can register animals in the “US Service and Support Animal Registry Database” or the “US National Service Animal Registry Database.” Unfortunately, since there is no official database of service animals or ESAs, these arguments are meaningless.

Paying to register your dog with US Service Animals provides no legal protection. The only document that can guarantee legal coverage for assistance animals is genuine ESA papers signed by a certified physician, therapist, or mental health professional.

To be fair, there is a section on the US Process Animals website that states that their registration service does not provide legal protection. The remainder of the site, on the other hand, pushes hard to indicate otherwise, stating that registration is a vital and necessary step for ESA owners to do.

How Does US Service Animals Work?

There are three aspects on US Service Animals: ESA registration, service dog registration, and ESA paperwork (in the form of a doctor’s form). Because registration services are not required, we will focus on the process of receiving an ESA Letter.

What Is Pettable?

Unlike Pettable, US Service Animals does not give a step-by-step approach. To get started, fill out a brief contact form with your name, email address, phone number, and state of residence. A competent doctor will contact you for a free consultation, according to the website.

If the provider feels you are eligible for an ESA, they will email you a printed document. There is no information on whether the paper was printed on official letterhead or signed by a licensed LMHP in your state.

How Much Does US Service Animals Cost?

You may check how much US Service Animals charges for its numerous things right immediately in the Shop section of the website. You don’t have to take a quiz or supply any information to find out how much anything costs. The cost of an Emotional Support Animal Letter for travel and lodging is $179.99, while the website indicates that you are not forced to pay if you are rejected during the consultation.

It’s worth mentioning that US Service Animals charges a hefty $79.98 for their “registration” service. You will be given a registration certificate and card, but neither of these papers will provide you with any legal protection.

Is US Service Animals Legit?

Somewhat. US Service Animals offers a mix of real and fraudulent services that provide minimal value to clients. Having said that, the company’s technique for verifying people and sending ESA Letters to authorized clients seems to be legitimate. However, the fact that US Service Animals encourages costly transactions with little true value raises suspicion on the company.

Does US Service Animals Offer a Psychiatric Service Dog Letter?

A psychiatric service dog must be carefully trained to give comfort and aid to persons who have mental health difficulties or learning disabilities. Some people may benefit from a PSD to help them manage with the emotions that may accompany mental health concerns or learning disabilities. US Service Animals may analyze a person’s need for a PSD and give genuine papers to those who have a medical need for one.

US Service Animals Pros

In the United States, there are many benefits to having a service animal:

  • They help qualifying consumers in acquiring ESA documentation from a doctor.
  • They provide client service in both English and Spanish.
  • Their price is plainly posted on their website.
  • Letters are provided for both ESAs and mental service dogs.

Overall, the ESA Letter and Service Dog aspects of the US Service Animals website are reliable.

US Service Animals Cons

As previously stated, there are some substantial disadvantages to using a service animal in the United States.

  • It charges for pointless registration services.
  • Customers are perplexed by the website’s mixture of real and unnecessary offers.
  • The organization does not give separate ESA Letters for housing and travel.

You can receive a real ESA letter from US Service Animals, but you may not want to support a company that seems to be abusing people in other ways.

Pettable vs. US Service Animals

Despite the fact that they both help qualified individuals in acquiring official ESA Letters, Pettable and US Service Animals are not the same. Pettable only delivers ESA Letters and requires customers to fill out an initial questionnaire before seeing pricing. US Service Animals reveals the cost of all of its options, even the less-than-legitimate ones. Both programs need a medical professional to determine a patient’s eligibility for an Emotional Support Animal.

Who is US Service Animals?

US Service Animals is another trustworthy ESA Letter source that may be accessed online. US Service Animals, which was launched in 2015, is one of the more established ESA letter providers on the market, and they consider themselves ethical pioneers in this industry.

Their major goal is to assist persons with mental health issues by providing emotional support via emotional support animals. You may learn more about the regulations and the distinctions between emotional support animals and mental service animals by visiting the US Service Animals website.

The procedure used by Pettable is the same as that used by US Service Animals. Those that are interested should begin by completing an introduction questionnaire. Customers may also call US Service Animals ahead of time and request a free consultation to see if they qualify for an emotional support animal.

Furthermore, US Service Animals has an extensive network of therapists in every state. If it is discovered that a client is not qualified for an emotional support animal, they are entitled to a full refund. However, in order to get a compensation, customers must first undergo a legal interview, which is inconvenient. Customers will get their ESA letter within a week after their visit.

US Service Animals also has an excellent and responsive customer service team. If you utilize this service, you will be on your own when it comes to speaking with your landlord.


  • Every state has a huge network of LMHPs controlled by US Service Animals.
  • This service is uncomplicated and simple to use.
  • Once you get your ESA Letter, it is valid for life.
  • This service, founded by lawyers, complies with state and federal legislation.


  • The turnaround time for ESA Letters is fairly sluggish.
  • Legal aid is substantially more limited.
  • Clients must first go through a legal interview in order to get a refund.

This well-established and simple-to-use website offers all you need in an ESA Letter provider. However, there are some small downsides to using this provider, such as a longer response time and a required legal interview to get a refund.

What Is Pettable?

Rating Factors

Many factors should be considered while selecting your ESA Letter source, including legitimacy, customer service, response speed, reliability, and the quality of trained medical professionals. We shall examine both Pettable and US Service Animals in each of these five categories.


Before you discover anything further about your ESA Letter provider, you must first ensure that this ESA service is genuine. Landlords and building owners may readily verify the authenticity of an ESA letter. If you submit an invalid or fraudulent emotional support animal letter, your landlord has the authority to deny you emotional support animal housing.

One of the easiest ways to assess the legitimacy of an ESA letter supplier is to check whether the firm is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau has designated Pettable and US Service Animals as “credible operations,” meaning that they are both legitimate businesses.

Customer Service

When it comes to passion and loyalty, Pettable’s customer service team is difficult to beat. To begin, Pettable’s customer care team is readily available by phone or live chat. If you have a quick question about the ESA process or your individual situation and would prefer not to phone, you may instantly contact a member of the customer support team via Pettable’s website’s live chat feature.

Furthermore, Pettable’s customer service representatives are willing to help customers even after they have received their ESA letter from Pettable. When customers need help protecting their legal rights as ESA owners, top-tier legal specialists from Pettable’s customer care team may consult with landlords or building owners. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, clients should not have to pay pet fees or a pet deposit to live with their emotional support animal.

US Service Animals, which was created by lawyers, also has an outstanding customer service team. In terms of legal aid supplied, this service is only exceeded by Pettable’s employees. One of the few disadvantages of US Care Animals customer service is that the employees may take some time to answer. This might be an issue if you need immediate customer service support. Second, US Service Animals’ customer service is not as hands-on as Pettable’s. If you have a dispute with your landlord or building owner, US Service Animals will not intervene on your side.

Turnaround Time

If time is critical, Pettable may provide clients a 24-hour turnaround for a little cost. If you need to get an ESA Letter to your landlord immediately, this is a great choice.

Customers will get their ESA letters in approximately a week from US Service Animals.


A lot may be gained about the trustworthiness of the ESA Letter provider from their website. Pettable provides factual, up-to-date information regarding emotional service animals, as well as the laws and rights that apply to ESAs. For example, all information on the Fair Housing Act and the Air Carrier Access Act is current. This page also offers information on a new ESA that has been introduced in California.

Similarly, US Service Animals gives up-to-date information. While they may attempt to sell you unneeded items (your emotional support animal does not require a vest or any other paraphernalia), the bulk of the information on its website is current and authentic.

Licensed Medical Professional

Aside from the validity of your ESA letter, one of the most important aspects of your ESA letter is the credibility of your certified medical professional. Pettable is completely compliant with federal and state requirements since it hires competent medical specialists in every state. To top it all off, Pettable will do rigorous background checks on all of its therapists before hiring them, ensuring that their records are clean and up to date.

What Is Pettable?

Similarly, each state has at least one certified mental health professional for US Service Animals.

Why we recommend Pettable

Pettable and US Service Animals are both reputable ESA service providers. If you choose either site to go through the ESA Letter process, you will meet with an LMHP in your state, get legal aid and support, and acquire a genuine ESA Letter.

However, because to its extra perks, Pettable takes the lead as the top emotional service animal letter provider. Pettable not only offers a speedier response time, but it also goes above and above in terms of customer care help. These added perks will come in handy when you need emotional support and legal advice the most.

Furthermore, if you do not qualify for an ESA, Pettable will instantly return your money. In the case of US Service Animals, the required legal process to gain a reimbursement may be rather inconvenient.

The Importance of an ESA letter

Housing providers are obligated by federal and state law to offer appropriate accommodations for emotional support animals. However, a verbal understanding that your animal is an ESA is sometimes insufficient. Many landlords and housing providers have the right to require paperwork to authenticate your ESA, which is where the ESA letter comes in.

An ESA letter is a document produced by a registered mental health care provider that indicates your need for the animal and how it helps with your mental or emotional handicap. It’s vital to understand that an ESA letter is the only legal method to authenticate your emotional support animal. Knowing that knowledge may help you avoid future frauds.

If you have a handicap such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you may be eligible for an ESA letter; however, the mental health expert must verify this. As a result, it is essential to consult a trained specialist for an ESA letter rather than an entity that claims to be able to “check” your animal.

When you qualify, the mental health professional will offer you a signed ESA letter on official letterhead that you may send to your landlord or housing provider.

Benefits of an ESA Letter

Aside from confirming the emotional need for an emotional support animal, an ESA letter gives the following advantages:

  • Permission to dwell in housing or lodging that has a no-pets policy.
  • Exemption from standard limits such as pet breed, size, and weight
  • Exemption from pet administration costs
  • Anti-discrimination protection

Do you qualify for an emotional support animal?

The only way to know for certain if you are eligible for an ESA is to be assessed by a registered mental health practitioner (LMHP). However, there are several questions you may ask yourself to determine if you qualify for an emotional support animal.

●      Do you have symptoms of a mental or emotional disability? Common conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and social anxiety are all eligible.

●      Would an ESA help mitigate your symptoms? ESAs provide a calming, comforting presence that helps many people cope with their mental or emotional disabilities more effectively.

●      Are you willing to attend an evaluation with an LMHP? A self-diagnosis does not qualify you for an emotional support animal.

If you responded yes to these questions, you may be qualified for an emotional support animal.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some commonly asked questions about emotional support animals and formal emotional support animal letters.

What is an emotional support animal?

An emotional support pet is an animal that provides its owner with comfort, companionship, and support. An ESA is a canine companion who assists persons suffering from mental diseases or learning difficulties. A service pet differs from an emotional support animal in that it requires special training, while an emotional support animal does not.

How do you qualify for an emotional support animal?

A person suffering from mental illness or with learning impairments may be eligible for a service animal. Anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, or other medical illnesses should see a physician. After that, a doctor may assess the requirement for an ESA and offer proper ESA paperwork.

What Is Pettable?

What is an ESA letter?

An ESA certificate certifies a person’s need for a service animal. Following a consultation between a person and their doctor, a qualified medical practitioner may submit official ESA paperwork. A competent therapist, licensed doctor, or licensed medical practitioner may suggest an emotional support animal.

How do you get an ESA letter online?

To begin, choose a reliable service that can arrange a meeting between you and a doctor. A doctor will call or video call you to address your concerns. A doctor will decide if you might benefit from having a support pet after chatting with you over the phone or through video. If the doctor feels you might benefit from a service animal, he or she will issue you a valid ESA letter.

How do I know if my ESA letter is legit?

If a certified medical expert issues your letter after meeting with you, it is deemed genuine. On this form, your doctor’s signature, date, and medical qualifications will be requested. The doctor will often print your report on official letterhead or provide you a PDF copy.

What is a psychiatric service dog letter?

A PSD document is for people who have consulted with a medical professional and the medical expert has concluded that a PSD is required. Service dogs are carefully trained to aid people suffering from different mental illnesses or learning disabilities.

How do you qualify for a psychiatric service animal?

Only a medical specialist may assess whether or not a PSD is required. In order to be eligible for a PSD, you must first schedule a phone or video consultation with a trained doctor to discuss your concerns.

How do you get a PSD letter online?

To get a PSD document online, you must first choose a reliable provider that can assist you with booking an appointment with a medical practitioner so that you may discuss your problems with them over the phone or through video call. After speaking with a certified specialist, they will decide whether you might benefit from a PSD. They may then provide you with an official document.

ESA Scams: What to Watch Out For

Following a discussion of the significance of an ESA letter, the following is a list of items to watch out for in order to prevent ESA frauds.

Instant ESA Letter Approval

You are being duped if you were promptly accepted for an ESA letter after merely completing a few questions online. To find out whether you qualify for an ESA letter, you must speak with a board-certified doctor or a licensed mental health practitioner in your state (either over the phone or in person).

Shockingly Cheap ESA Letter

Simply said, if something seems too good to be true, it generally is. It takes time and money to establish a vast network of licensed, high-quality board-certified physicians and mental health specialists in practically every state. As a result, a genuine ESA service will not be inexpensive.

Cheap ESA letter firms cut shortcuts by having you talk with an offshore doctor who is not licensed to practice in your state. They could even manufacture a letter with a forged doctor’s name and signature – so be cautious!

Certification Claims

Do not fall for websites or organizations that promise to be able to “certify” your animal as an ESA. There is no such thing as official certification, hence any document purporting to be such is a forgery. An ESA letter is the sole method to confirm your animal is an ESA.

Registration-Only Websites

As previously indicated, there is no formal registration or certification procedure for ESAs. Even if the agency promises to be able to provide you with a registration number, this does not qualify your pet as an ESA.

As a result, if the website “registers” your pet as an emotional support animal but does not put you in touch with a board-certified medical or mental health professional who is licensed to practice in your state, your pet is not qualified for the benefits of an ESA letter. In other words, a certificate with your dog’s name on it is not a replacement for a doctor’s ESA letter.

What Is Pettable?

Multiple-Year ESA Letters

ESA letters MUST be renewed every year by speaking with a board-certified doctor or qualified mental health practitioner. Any firm that sells you a multi-year or lifetime ESA doctor’s note is defrauding you.

Take-Your-Pet-Anywhere Claims

An ESA letter allows your pet to reside in “no-pet policy” housing without paying a pet security deposit. Any service that promises more is deceptive. An ESA letter does not provide you the right to bring your pet into public places such as restaurants, theaters, and libraries. Only service animals, such as mental assistance dogs, have the ability to travel almost anyplace with minimal limitations.

Lack of Client Support

The ESA letter is not the end of ESA approval. Some landlords may be uncooperative and need more documents. If this is the case, genuine ESA physicians will provide continuous assistance and paperwork as required. Scammers, on the other hand, often cut off communication once you’ve paid for their bogus ESA letter.


Pettable makes obtaining an official Emotional Support Animal documentation straightforward (as long as you qualify for one). The website is easy to use and offers a plethora of information regarding Emotional Support Animals, relevant laws, and mental health.

There are no red flags indicating a fraudulent ESA Letter service, such as the ability to receive a form without first undergoing an LMHP assessment. Pettable makes no claims that further tasks, such as registering or certifying your ESA, are required (they are not), and it does not try to sell unnecessary extras.


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