What Types of High Heels are Appropriate for the Office?

Shoes with heels that are appropriate for the office are a popular search term on our site. The fact that people want to wear something that isn’t an orthotic makes this number more satisfying to me than it would be otherwise.

Don’t feel like you have to wear high heels. But if you only have a few shoes to choose from, you should think about the rest of your outfit. Read the detailed article that comes next to find out more.

What Types of High Heels are Appropriate for the Office?

It’s natural to wonder how high heels a person can wear to work without looking out of place. After all, no one wants to embarrass themselves at work by having bad manners. It could even cost you your job.

People who ask about heel heights often also ask if a certain kind of shoe is appropriate for work. This could be a pair of slingbacks, heels, or knee-high boots. People don’t know which types of heels they can wear to work because there are so many.

What Types of High Heels are Appropriate for the Office?

Naturally, it would be easier to know what heel height is appropriate for the office. We could just put shoes in the “work” or “fun” category and be done with it. These questions might seem easy to answer, but they’re not.

There’s a good reason why you won’t find definitive answers to questions about heel heights or shoe styles that are appropriate for the office on the internet or in old etiquette books.

A fashion faux pas is asking if a certain heel height is too high or not high enough for work. This is like asking what kind of coat or jacket you can wear outside the house. In reality, there are a lot of things to think about, like the environment and the type of activity you are doing.

There are many different kinds of offices, jobs, neighborhoods, cultural norms, etc. In fact, there are almost as many differences between offices as there are kinds of heels worn in offices today.

What works well in one place might not work at all in another. Now the question is, how do you know if your heels are appropriate for work? Here, we’ll talk about some ways to do things.

Your heel height needs to be totally practical

You may only need a few words to say what’s important. To put it simply, they’re too high if you can’t do your work in them.

If you’ve ever seen a coworker come to work with a brand-new set of long acrylic nails, only to find that she can’t type with them, you know where I’m going with this.

In every way, the height of your heels needs to be practical. Most women can’t lose more than 4.5 inches every day, and most lose less. Most work pumps don’t need to be any taller than 3.5 to 4.5 inches.

What Types of High Heels are Appropriate for the Office?

Definitely wear higher heels if you feel good in them. But without a platform, most women can’t walk around all day in heels that high. Even the best models find it hard to do.

You need to be practical if your job requires you to walk around or stand for long periods of time. A maximum of four inches. And for the love of God, move around in flats.

White High Heels Should Not Be Worn After Labor Day

White high heels are usually not allowed after Labor Day, but more and more women don’t follow this rule. People don’t like it when people wear red heels to work because it seems unprofessional.

Also, shoes should be well-made and of high quality. Man-made fabrics are not as good as leathers and suedes. Someone can use microfibers instead of leather if they don’t like how leather is made.

Should Wear A Low Heel

If you work in an office where you have to be on your feet a lot, you might find it easier to not wear heels at all or to wear ones with much lower heels. Platform heels should never be worn.

Heels may change in width from season to season, but big, chunky heels are usually not a good idea. Even if a shoe has a tiny heel, it shouldn’t look like a sandal or have an open toe. This isn’t business casual or business wear with a more formal look.

Eclectic Shoes May Be Welcomed

Some workplaces may be more open-minded about the shoes you wear to work. Any heel is fine as long as it doesn’t make it hard to walk.

A pair of basic pumps with a heel height of two to three inches should be kept in case someone has to look for a job or go to a career fair at the last minute.

What Types of High Heels are Appropriate for the Office?

Also, even the most casual office workers may need to get dressed up when they go to another office, so it’s always a good idea to keep a pair of plain shoes nearby.


What is everyone else wearing?

Even though it’s not a good idea to try to look exactly like everyone else, it is a good idea to look at other people’s shoes to figure out how to act.

First, look around your office, but don’t forget to think about your job in general.

It may also matter where you live, since some places are more laid-back and others are more traditional (or up-to-date).

There are many different kinds of offices in the real world. There may be differences between San Diego and Wall Street, between open plan and closed door, and between a fashion startup and an accountant.

I’ve heard that there are several law firms in New York City that compete with each other. Every other woman at the law firm who wears Louboutin Pigalles with a heel height of 4 inches is a fixture in one of them. In the other, moving around is more important, so everyone wears flat shoes.

You should know that the second company doesn’t have a “ban” on high heels, so you can wear them if you want. Simply put, there is no such standard. Nor has the innovative company made them a requirement.

So, once you’ve seen what other people in your office are wearing, don’t be afraid to wear something different, as long as your heels are appropriate for the job and the place.

What Types of High Heels are Appropriate for the Office?

Are there shoe types that are inappropriate for the office?

This is another question about the workplace. I have been to several workplaces where knee-high boots are fine (and they keep our legs warm too). Still, they might not be taken seriously in some professional settings.

High heels with toes that can be seen are fine, as are sandals and other shoes with similar designs. If you follow the golden rule and get a pedicure first, there doesn’t seem to be any reason not to wear these.

Also, flip-flops are gross and you should never wear them to work. Don’t go anywhere else in your beach shoes.

Can I wear scratched / dirty / scruffy heels to the office?

In reference to this golden rule, the correct answer is no, you can’t wear dirty shoes to work. It’s important to get a pair of work pumps that reflect both your company’s culture and your own values.

When someone says “professional footwear,” they are talking about shoes that are clean and well-kept. This rule should be easy for everyone to agree with.

Are my heels too sexy for the office?

When thinking about whether heels are appropriate for the office or not, there seems to be one problem. Some heels, especially those with high heels, are made to be sexually attractive.

Of course, most of us don’t wear heels to work to make us look more sexual. We know that they make us feel better about ourselves and make us look better overall. Even so, they are often very attractive.

What Types of High Heels are Appropriate for the Office?

Once we agree that heels are attractive, it’s hard to tell where the line is between attractive and too attractive.

The height of the heel is something else to think about. Some shoes, like those worn by strippers, are also out of the question.

The weekend is the time to wear shoes that don’t go with your work clothes. After that, it will be up to the person to choose a pair of seductive shoes.

Here is where you should really think about what kind of attention you want. All the praise and admiration in the world is nice, but if everyone is looking at your shoes instead of your brains, you might want to change your mind.


The company’s dress code is a big part of whether or not you can wear heels to work. Businesses often need more than just a place to sit, so high heels should be something you can walk in quickly and easily. It’s not appropriate to wear heels to work if you can’t walk in them after an hour.

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